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Published September 19, 2018

Power Up Your School Supplies With A DIY Patriot Pencil Case

Are you back-to-school ready? We can help you!

Patriot might have been trained by Captain America, but that doesn’t make him a sidekick. Make a pencil case that packs Patriot’s powerful punch with just a plastic case and adhesive vinyl paper, and you’ll feel like a super soldier yourself every time you grab it from your backpack.

What You Need

  • Clear or white plastic pencil case
  • One (1) sheet each of royal blue, red, and white adhesive vinyl
  • Patriot template (see below)
  • Small star hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

Get Started!

Step One: Begin by printing and cutting out the Patriot template (download below).

Step Two: Trace the template on the back of the royal blue vinyl and cut it out.

Step Three: Cut two long strips of red vinyl and one long strip of white vinyl, approximately one centimeter in width. (There should be guides on the back of the vinyl paper to help you cut.)

Step Four: Cut the long strips of vinyl in half, giving you four red stripes and two red stripes.

Step Five: Without removing the backing, arrange the stripes on the left side of pencil case in the order of red, white, and red. Repeat on the ride side. Again, without removing the backing, gently place the blue eagle in the middle of the pencil case on top of the stripes.

Patriot DIY Pencil Case

Step Six: Use the pencil to mark the angles of the eagle’s wings on the red and white stripes. Remove all shapes from the pencil case.

Step Seven: Remove the backing from the blue eagle and stick it on the center of the pencil case. Be sure to gently place it on the case, removing any bubbles that may form.

Step Eight: Use the scissors to trim the stripes along the angles you drew. Remove the backing of each stripe and place it in the same pattern of red, white, and red on either side of the eagle, getting it as close to the edges as possible.

Note: If you skip the trimming step and simply stick the eagle on top of the stripes, you’ll see the stripes outlined through the eagle shape!

Patriot DIY Pencil Case

Step Nine: Use the star hole punch or trace a small star template and cut a star out of the white vinyl adhesive paper. Stick it in the center of the eagle. (You can use a white paint marker to finish the stripes on the eagle shape, if you’re a stickler for details.)

Patriot DIY Pencil Case

Your Patriot pencil case is complete!

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