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Published April 28, 2020

Saluting the Real Life Heroes

Art by Mike Hawthorne with colors by Edgar Delgado
Art by Mike Hawthorne with colors by Edgar Delgado

The mighty Marvel Universe is where we go to fly. It’s where we go to build, to fight. To love, to learn, to cry, to dream.

But the towers of Asgard and the lights of Wakanda and the strength of Captain America’s shield and the imperfections of Peter Parker and the compassion of Kitty Pryde aren’t the result of spontaneous generation. These people, their homes and their virtues, are found first in the world just outside your window.

We here at the humble House of Ideas are celebrating this year’s #NationalSuperHeroDay by paying tribute to the real life heroes that inspire us all. We salute the nurses and doctors, postal workers, teachers, grocery store and delivery workers, restaurant employees, factory workers, and all the rest of the frontline heroes who protect and care for us every day.

From Queens to Krakoa. Thank you.