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Published August 1, 2022

SDCC 2022: Her Universe Celebrates Marvel Fashion

Plus, an upcoming ‘The Marvels’ collection with Hot Topic!

The 8th annual Her Universe Fashion show at San Diego Comic-Con saw 26 different designers compete for the chance to be a part of the Marvel Universe! 

During the beloved event, which took place at the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel Harbor Ballroom, two winners were chosen — one by a panel of judges, and the other by the audience. Little did these two winners realize that they would win the grand prize of collaborating with Her Universe on a brand new collection for Hot Topic, inspired by Marvel Studios' The Marvels

As Her Universe founder and actress, Ashley Eckstein, explained: "We were so excited to announce at The Her Universe Fashion Show that the winners will get to design a fashion collection inspired by Marvel Studios' upcoming feature film, The Marvels, with Her Universe for Hot Topic! The winners of the show will get to work with our Her Universe and Hot Topic teams immediately after winning and the collection will be available in 2023. We are very proud to offer a professional and educational fashion design opportunity for our winners." 

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The audience winner, Michael Burson (@thewizardtailor), actually designed a couture Doctor Strange outfit, Doctor Strange Hellfire Gala, featuring a menswear outfit and a stunning, sparkly cape to go with it! 

Elsewhere during the convention, Eckstein stopped by the Marvel Booth to talk all things Her Universe. When asked how designs come to life, she explained, “It really starts with the character. I like to call our designs wearable armor and it really suits Marvel characters. Let’s take Captain Marvel for example. When she suits up and puts on her suit, we kind of picture that — if we’re designing a piece of clothing inspired by Captain Marvel, how can we make the wearer feel like they’re suiting up that day and they can go higher, further, faster?” 

Knowing that, the new upcoming The Marvels collection should be cosmic. But, don't want to wait that long for new items out of the Marvel Universe? Some new designs were recently released at SDCC, including items inspired by Hawkeye, Loki, and more! 



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