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Published August 29, 2018

Show Off Your Super Fandom Like Kamala Khan with This DIY Captain Marvel Notebook

We're here to help you get back-to-school ready with this DIY Captain Marvel craft!

Super Heroes, they’re just like the rest of us. (Maybe minus the undergoing Terrigenesis part or a whole mess of other things.) One Marvel Super Hero who keeps it real is Kamala Khan AKA Ms. Marvel, a teenaged Pakistani-American high schooler from Jersey City who has to tend to things like homework, daydreaming in class, and sharing her OTPs on tumblr.

Marvel Rising: Alpha

For those of you who LOVE the MS. MARVEL series from G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona understand how much of a Carol Danvers AKA Captain Marvel stan Kamala is. Which is where writer and our very own resident crafter, Kelly Knox, comes in.

Captain Marvel Notebook

Captain Marvel Notebook
Craft by Kelly Knox (@kelly_knox)

When it’s time to go back to school or head to work on a Monday, sometimes being reminded of our favorite heroes can make the day a bit more super. Like Kamala Khan in MARVEL RISING: ALPHA #1, you can bring along a notebook emblazoned with Captain Marvel’s symbol to add something a little extraordinary to an ordinary day.

What You Need

  • Journal or notebook with a bright blue cover
  • 1x sheet of red vinyl adhesive paper
  • 1x sheet of yellow vinyl adhesive paper
  • Star stencil (see below)
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife (optional)

Start Crafting!

Step One: Flip the red vinyl to the back side. Open the front cover of the notebook, and trace it on the back of the red vinyl.

Step Two: Use the lines on the back of the vinyl as a guide to find the center of the cover, and draw a small point to mark it. Use the ruler to make a V-shape; make sure it’s centered by drawing the two side edges from the same line.

Captain Marvel Notebook

Step Three: Cut the vinyl V-shape out, and then peel the backing. Line up the edges on the front cover and slowly press the sticky side down, removing any air bubbles that might pop up. (It is difficult to remove bubbles once the vinyl is completely in place.)

Step Four: Use the craft knife to clean any edges as needed, and press the vinyl adhesive around the cover edge.

Step Five: Print and cut out the star template (see below). Trace it on the back of the yellow vinyl, and cut it out.

Step Six: Measure four strips of yellow vinyl, 1 centimeter wide and about 10 centimeters long. (Or longer, if you’re working with a large notebook.)

Step Seven: Peel the backing from the star, and gently place it in the middle of the notebook cover. Again, keep an eye out for air bubbles! The bottom point of the red vinyl should be closer to the bottom of the star than the center.

Step Eight: Line two of the strips, yellow side up, along the bottom edge of the red vinyl on the cover. Line up the remaining two just underneath, barely wide enough to show the blue cover below.

Step Nine: Trace the edges of the star on the strips. Do the same with the edges of the notebook itself on the top part of the strips. Cut the strips where you drew the lines.

Note: If you’re having trouble keeping the strips in place to mark the edges, you can stick them first and then trim, but it’s a little trickier. Also, skipping this step clearly shows the ends and edges of the vinyl strips beneath the star, so it’s worth the trouble!

Captain Marvel Notebook

Step Ten: Peel the backing from the stripes and gently place them along the edges of the red vinyl. You can trim any additional angles as needed to get it to fit just right.

Your Captain Marvel notebook is complete! Make one for your kids, your friends, or even yourself. Every time they take it out to jot down some important notes, they’ll remember that there’s always someone on their side—whether it’s a parent, friend, loved one, or Carol Danvers.

Captain Marvel notebook

Kamala Khan appears in “Marvel Rising: Initiation,” a series of 6 animated shorts that premiered on Disney XD earlier this month and are available to watch on Marvel HQ now (click here to watch). Don’t miss her animated feature debut in “Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors” premiering simultaneously on Disney Channel and Disney XD on Sunday, September 30!

Interested in learning more about Kamala Khan AKA Ms. Marvel? Earth's Mightiest Show has the low-down the hero fond of "embiggening" her fists below!

In the animated film, “Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors,” powered teens Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl, Quake, Patriot, America Chavez, and Inferno join forces as an unlikely, but formidable crew of aspiring heroes. When a threat no one could have expected bears down on the Marvel Universe, this ragtag, untrained band of teens have no choice but to rise together and prove to the world that sometimes the difference between a “hero” and “misfit” is just in the name.

For more information, check out “Marvel Rising” on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Subscribe to Marvel HQ on YouTube for full episodes and more!

Captain Marvel Notebook Stencil