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Published August 24, 2021

Spidey and his Amazing Fans - Meet the Winners!

We searched the globe and found the biggest Spider-Man fans, young and old!

Spidey and his Amazing Friends on Disney Junior

Go webs go! This summer has been all about Spidey and his Amazing Friends as Peter, Miles and Gwen have swung on their webs from Disney Junior into the imaginations of kids all around the world.  With a second season coming, the Spidey-mania just just beginning and there's no better way to celebrate Spider-Man than by meeting some of the biggest fans in the world! 

Earlier this summer we put out the call to find the biggest Spider-Man fans and we were overwhelmed by the response. With so many Spider-Man fans in the world it was hard to pick the winners, but we're excited to share with you Spidey and his Amazing Fans!

First up, head into the Spider-Verse with John and his son, Franco hailing from none other than Forest Hills, NY, right where Peter Parker calls home! John loves Peter Parker and Franco is all about Miles Morales as they share their passion for web-heads! 

Next up, from California are The Reyes Family! Mom and Dad have been fans of Spidey for years and now share that passion with their three sons, Josiah, Ezekiel and the youngest web-shooter, Noah.  All three boys love playing together with their Spider-Man toys and Josiah is an up-and-coming comics artist! 

From Tennessee, Drew has been a lifelong comic book fan, with a collection of over 22,000 comics! His Spider-Man comics are his prized possessions and now he shares his love of comics and Spider-Man with his son and daughter. He even brought his son Owen to meet Stan Lee! 

Don't miss Spidey and his Amazing Friends every week as new episodes air on Disney Junior and Disney Channel, and will be available shortly in DisneyNOW. Check local listings for re-airings.



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