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Published September 23, 2022

State Farm and Marvel Honor Local Super Heroes During Good Neighbor Month

Brands teamed up with Good Morning America to recognize local hero Eric Wood and other good neighbors helping their communities every day.

Real Super Heroes are among us, and September is Good Neighbor Month, a time to recognize that there may be Super Heroes in your neighborhood, too!

This month, State Farm® is spotlighting people making a positive impact in their communities. To celebrate Good Neighbor Month, Disney and State Farm are launching Good Neighbor Check to encourage people to show up for their communities and celebrate, recognize and showcase good neighbors.

From helping "friends, neighbors and even perfect strangers," Eric Wood in Fort Wayne, Indiana is one such local hero. Performing numerous selfless deeds, from mowing lawns, helping with repairs, or just checking in to make sure his neighbors are doing all right, Eric has become a mainstay in his neighborhood and a comforting presence to those he encounters.

In one example, Eric makes weekly visits to his neighbor, and now friend, Kevin Chandler. Carrying Kevin on his back, Eric takes him for walks in the neighborhood to get some fresh air and keep him company. "I love it, because it puts me eye-level with whoever's around me, and brings a different sense of dignity to my disability," Kevin shares. "He's a friend that I can really rest and be myself around."

Eric is not alone in his good deeds. In fact, one of his talents is connecting those in need with those willing to help—inspiring others in his community to become Good Neighbors as well.

"I was told not to cross a street here in town, growing up," Eric explains. "And my friends on the other side of the tracks were told not to cross the tracks for different reasons. I think being a good neighbor has the potential to change the climate of our country. It's being willing to knock on a door, to see who's home and what's going on. To make sure someone's okay."

His neighbor Dolly Woods remarks, "He's a blessing. If more people were like him, the world would be so much better. So much better."

Check out the video below as Eric appears on Good Morning America for a special surprise from his neighborhood!

With a huge turnout of friends, family and neighbors, everyone was delighted as Eric was given a one-of-a-kind Marvel comic cover with himself as a Super Hero! As the crowd cheered on, he was then presented with $10,000 from State Farm to donate to the charity of his choice. He was also honored by Brand Ambassador and NBA superstar Karl-Anthony Towns (Minnesota Timberwolves) for being a role model in his community.

Back at the House of Ideas, it didn't take long for Marvel artists to turn Eric into a real Super Hero, with his very own exclusive comic cover. Check out the brilliant GOOD NEIGHBOR cover below by Netho Diaz (sketches & pencils), Sean Parsons (inks) and Carlos Lopez (colors)!

So what did Eric think of seeing himself as a Marvel Super Hero? "It's pretty awesome," he said, smiling. "That's pretty awesome."

And speaking of awesome, Eric wasn’t the only Super Hero graced with his own Marvel comic cover during Good Neighbor Month. Meet Jake! A friend to all with a knack for doing good, Jake from State Farm is always there to help a neighbor in need. Super Heroes are known for their super powers, and Jake has plenty! His secret weapon? His superhuman kindness!


Jake not only possesses a sixth sense for saving kittens in trees, but his genuine selflessness comes through in everything he does, whether it's being willing to give you the shirt off his back or the khakis from his closet. A champion of neighborhood small talk, he also has the power to spread joy with a single smile. What else? You could also say that he's Super into ranch dressing.

Check out Jake's GOOD NEIGHBOR cover in which he hangs with a pretty famous crew—the Guardians of the Galaxy! Marvel's Mario Del Pennino (artist) and Dee Cunniffe (colorist) delivered a stunning rendition of Jake as a Super Hero of his own with (of course!) his signature khakis.

Whether you know someone who's a good neighbor, or whether you're inspired to do some good in your own neighborhood, this month is all about recognizing heroes who make our lives better every day!

State Farm Good Neighbor Month

Celebrate Good Neighbor Month with your own stories of local heroes. Use the #GoodNeighborCheck hashtag to show off your favorite good neighbors!