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Published September 20, 2021

Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes Fight the Undead in 'Captain America: The Ghost Army'

The Original Graphic Novel arrives Summer 2022!

Master storyteller Alan Gratz delivers an all-new, original Captain America graphic novel!

As announced earlier today on CBR, Scholastic's Graphix! imprint, in partnership with Marvel Entertainment, will be releasing Captain America: The Ghost Army. This YA Original Graphic Novel from Gratz and artist Brent Schoonover hits shelves on August 2, 2022, everywhere books are sold!

Captain America: The Ghost Army

In the thrilling historical adventure Captain America: The Ghost Army, 18 year-old Steve Rogers (Captain America) and his young sidekick, Bucky Barnes, encounter a threat like none they've ever met while fighting the Nazis in the dark forests of Transylvania — a Ghost Army. The dead of this war and wars past are coming back to life, impervious to bullets, flames, or anything else the Allies can throw at them. The armies rise from the ground in the night and seem to disappear without a trace.

How can Cap and Buck fight something that's already dead? And just what does the mysterious Baron Mordo, sitting in his castle atop nearby Wundagore Mountain have to do with this?

"As a life-long comics reader, I'm incredibly excited to be writing for Marvel, and for Captain America specifically," Gratz tells CBR. "Ed Brubaker's work on CAPTAIN AMERICA is one of my all-time favorite books, particularly his now-iconic WINTER SOLDIER storyline. One of the things I most loved about that run was the flashbacks he gave us of Cap and Bucky fighting alongside each other in World War II, and it's that youthful spirit of camaraderie and heroism I'm trying to recapture in Captain America: The Ghost Army."

This one-of-a-kind graphic novel that is sure to be met with major enthusiasm from fans of all ages. "Another thrill for me was that Marvel encouraged me to put in references to lots of other Marvel comics continuity," adds Gratz to CBR. "So while The Ghost Army is designed to be a super fun introduction to Captain America for a kid who has never picked up a Marvel comic book before, it's also got a lot of Easter eggs for adults who've been reading Marvel comics since they were kids themselves. My hope is that adult comics fans will share Captain America: The Ghost Army with the kids in their lives, and that they'll have a blast reading it together."

"Captain America: The Ghost Army is a perfect example of how Marvel storytelling can open exciting new doors into the context and influence of history," shares Sven Larsen, vice president, Licensed Publishing at Marvel. "Captain America has been one of our most iconic characters across the decades, and seeing Alan Gratz and Brent Schoonover bring the earlier years of Steve Rogers' career to life has been incredible. Like all of our original graphic novels with Scholastic, we hope this story will introduce both new and loyal fans to some of our most inspirational characters, and to a time where Cap, along with Bucky Barnes, interacts with real-life history and heroism in a thrilling new way."

In addition to the announcement of Captain America: The Ghost Army, CBR also revealed character sketches for James "Bucky" Barnes, Sofia Maximoff, and Nikolai. Newsarama debuted character sketches for new characters Andrei Maximoff, a villager in the Transylvanian town, and Nikolai Baskerville, who is part of the Allied military forces with Captain America and Bucky. The Beat shared character sketches of Steve Rogers (Captain America) and Baron Mordo. And Bleeding Cool unveiled character sketches of Private First Class Jim Morita and Viscount Krowler. Take a look at the character sketches in the gallery below!

Captain America: The Ghost Army hits shelves, everywhere books are sold, on August 2, 2022!

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Captain America: The Ghost Army Character Sketches
Captain America: The Ghost Army - Captain America


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