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Published October 17, 2018

Unleash the Symbiote with this Venom-Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Learn how to craft the look at home!

By Alana Herrnson

Celebrate Halloween season with some Venom-inspired makeup!

Watch above as co-host of Earth's Mightiest Show Langston Belton bonds with the symbiote! Then read through the instructions below to undergo the transformation yourself.

What You’ll Need:

  • wipe, toner or witch hazel
  • Water-based body paints
    • Black
    • White
    • Tan
    • Blue
    • Red
    • Pink
  • Large flat makeup brush
  • Medium brush
  • Small brush
  • Detail brush


- Clean face with makeup wipe, toner, or witch hazel to get rid of oils.
- Let face dry before beginning the next step.
- For the base, begin applying black paint with large flat makeup brush around face, neck, and chest
- Use clean, even strokes.
- Layer to desired color, leaving time to dry between each layer.
- Use a medium brush to outline and fill in eye shapes with white paint (Note: White cannot go over the black without the black bleeding through!)
- Starting from under the mouth and extending back to the ear, use small and detail brushes to outline the tongue in pink.
- Create gums (spaces for teeth) on the top line.
- Fill in the remaining areas of the face in black.
- Carefully cover areas on eyelids and around eyes/nose.
- Completely cover lips as well – keep mouth closed during this process.
- Continue this process in stages. Allow black in areas around white to dry so that the colors don’t blend together.
- Fill in spaces on top line with long pointed teeth using white paint and a detail brush.
- Create depth and dimension on tongue with red, pink, and white paint.
- Follow the curve of the outside outline.
- Fill in behind outline of tongue with black. (Note: This black represents below the tongue, inside the mouth!)
- Add more depth to tongue by repeating Step 8!
- Allow layers to dry before reapplying colors to create additional depth and 3D effect
- Fill in teeth with white and tan paint using a medium brush
- Repeat Step 10 for even more depth!
- Outline bottom row of teeth with white.
Make nearly flat to give appearance we’re looking “down” on the bottom jawline.
- Layer red, pink, and white on gums and tongue to add dimension
- Add additional layer of white paint on face.
Fill in black on face and body with shades of blue to add “sheen” and additional depth/layering.
- Use detail brush to add saliva dribble down Venom’s tongue with blue and white paint.
- Keep lines thin to give appearance of “dribble.”
- Dribble can be drawn from upper jaw down off the bottom of tongue.
- Use large flat brush to fill in the rest of the upper torso with black.
- Add black to upper portion of tongue.
- “Dot” and “smear” black at top of tongue under model’s chin
- Give appearance of tongue “disappearing” in back of Venom’s mouth
- Repeat steps as necessary to finalize your desired look!

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