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Published April 15, 2023

Watch All 5 Episodes of ‘Marvel’s Avengers: Stunt Squad’ on Marvel HQ

Iron Man and his Stunt Squad Avengers show off their moves in the motion comic series!



Marvel HQ, Marvel’s official family platform, kicks off the year of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes with the motion comics series of shorts Marvel’s Avengers: Stunt Squad! And all 5 episodes are now available to watch on Marvel HQ’s YouTube channel!

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In collaboration with Hasbro, Marvel’s Avengers: Stunt Squad follows genius inventor Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man, as he creates a new nanotech launch pad that allows his elite team of Avengers, AKA his Stunt Squad, to fly through the air, show off their moves, and perform awesome heroic feats as they take their battles against Marvel’s meanest baddies to delightful new heights!

Witness high-flying adventures featuring HulkBlack Panther, and Captain Americas Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson as they each face off against a different Super Villain. The first episode of Marvel’s Avengers: Stunt Squad premiered globally on February 11 across Marvel HQ’s worldwide YouTube channels, with new episodes released regularly through April 2023.

Watch all five episodes of Marvel’s Avengers: Stunt Squad now!

The 2-minute episodes in the series feature:

The Marvel’s Avengers: Stunt Squad motion comics were created by writer Paul Allor, artist Arianna Florean, and colorist Andres Mossa.

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