Digital Series
Published August 8, 2018

Behind-the-Scenes of the Deadpool Pinball Machine

See how Stern Pinball created the Merc with a Mouth machine in this Earth's Mightiest Show bonus!

Wade Wilson is getting his own pinball machine!

Following our announcement of the brand-new Deadpool Stern Pinball machine, Earth's Mightiest Show now has an exclusive clip of Ryan "Agent M" Penagos on-site at Stern Pinball HQ where he got all the details on how the game comes to life. 

Joined by George Gomez, Stern Pinball Chief Creative Officer and Lead Designer of the Deadpool machine, Agent M finds out how the character's ethos inspired the game. "The magic of this," says Gomez, "is you have to think of what we're doing here as a medium. No different than painting or filmmaking. Just like Marvel has a certain feeling, consistency, et cetera, in terms of a storyline. We're just applying our medium to Deadpool."

Watch the video above for all the details! And visit for more info.