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Published February 4, 2019

Frozen on Broadway's Anna Sings Marvel Karaoke on Earth's Mightiest Show

Broadway star Patti Murin stops by EMS to belt out the unofficial Marvel musical of our dreams!

Patti Murin, who plays Princess Anna in Frozen on Broadway, dropped by Earth's Mightiest Show and talks with host Lorraine Cink on how Anna is a super heroine in her own right. It doesn't stop there because Patti and Lorraine dive into Marvel Character Karaoke and end up producing the unofficial Marvel musical we've all been waiting for.


Speaking on the differences between the Broadway musical and the film, Patti said the musical has 12 new songs as well as a whole new part of the score, which "allows the story to be developed more and go into the heads of the characters a lot more."

Two of Patti's favorite parts of the show are the brand new duet between her character Anna and Kristoff on top of a mountain, "What Do You Know About Love," and Sven the reindeer. 

"It's the same story that everyone loves from the movie but it's put in human form and expanded," Patti gleefully shared.

Listen to Patti and Lorraine discuss the Frozen Broadway musical and then jump into several rounds of Marvel karaoke where they belt out character quotes in different musical genre stylings, above!

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