Published November 12, 2021

Blazing Bright Through the Cosmos, Dark Phoenix Lands in Fortnite!

Jean Grey, the Dark Phoenix from the Marvel Universe, arrives in Fortnite. Get her Outfit, The Phoenix Force Back Bling and Rising Phoenix Emote.

Blazing Bright Through the Cosmos, Dark Phoenix Lands in Fortnite!

“I am Fire and Life incarnate! Now and forever - I am Phoenix!” 

Jean Grey, hit by a cosmic force that transcended her into becoming Phoenix, has been manipulated into something even darker!

Already possessing powerful telekinetic and telepathic abilities in the Marvel Universe, the cosmic blast that occurred during a rescue mission set Jean Grey on an unexpected path. That path now brings Dark Phoenix to the Fortnite Island!

Available in the Item Shop now:

  • Dark Phoenix Outfit: She is fire! And life incarnate!
  • The Phoenix Force Back Bling: Only a sliver of its infinite, cosmic power.
  • Rising Phoenix Emote: No longer is she the woman you once knew.


You can also choose to purchase the items in a bundle that includes the Dark Phoenix Outfit, Phoenix Force Back Bling, Rising Phoenix Emote, and the Wrath of the Phoenix Loading Screen.

The closer to the flame, the longer your shadow becomes.

Don’t let the darkness envelop you rise up with Dark Phoenix! 



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