Published July 11, 2022

Bring the Hammer Down with Thor Odinson and Mighty Thor in Fortnite

The Fortnite Item Shop now has the Thor Odinson and Mighty Thor Outfits and item accessories. Each Outfit comes with the Full Charge Style. See for details.

Whosoever holds this hammer, if they be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.

In the Fortnite Item Shop now are two Thors who have wielded Mjolnir: Thor Odinson and Mighty Thor. Inspired by Marvel Studios' Thor: Love and Thunder, these Gods of Thunder (with a complicated relationship) are available in the Gods of Thunder Pack, which also includes two Back Blings, two Pickaxes, two Gliders, plus an Emote and Loading Screen! Also, surround yourself with lightning with the Full Charge Style of the Outfits and Pickaxes.

Thor Odinson: No Ordinary Man

Thor Odinson Outfit default Style, Thor’s Cape Back Bling, Stormbreaker Pickaxe default Style, Stormbreaker’s Flight Glider, Bring The Hammer Down Emote

Protector of not only Asgard but all of the Nine Realms, Thor Odinson is in the Gods of Thunder Pack with the following related items: 

  • Thor’s Cape Back Bling: Made from Asgard's finest materials.

  • Stormbreaker Pickaxe: Forged from Uru on Nidavellir with the ability to summon the Bifrost.

  • Stormbreaker's Flight Glider: With the power of Bifrost, grasp the Stormbreaker and glide across the sky.

  • Bring The Hammer Down Emote: Whoever has the strength to hold the hammer will be granted the strength of a powerful ground strike. (Only the following Outfits possess the strength to use this Emote: Thor Odinson, Mighty Thor, Thor, and Captain America.)


Mighty Thor: Goddess of Thunder

Mighty Thor Outfit default Style, Mighty Thor’s Cape Back Bling, Reformed Mjolnir Pickaxe default Style, Mjolnir’s Flight Glider

Jane Foster became Mighty Thor upon lifting Mjolnir — and being worthy of Thor’s power. Mighty Thor is in the Gods of Thunder Pack with the following related items:


  • Mighty Thor's Cape Back Bling: A classic cape for a new Thor.

  • Reformed Mjolnir Pickaxe: Pieced back together by the lightning for its new wielder.

  • Mjolnir's Flight Glider: With the power of lightning, grasp Mjolnir and glide across the sky.


Go Full ChargE

Thor Odinson Outfit Full Charge Style, Stormbreaker Pickaxe Full Charge Style, Mighty Thor Outfit Full Charge Style, Reformed Mjolnir Pickaxe Full Charge Style

The Thor Odinson Outfit, Mighty Thor Outfit, Stormbreaker Pickaxe, and Reformed Mjolnir Pickaxe come with the Full Charge Style. With this reactive Style, the Outfits will electrify upon getting eliminations, and the Pickaxes will electrify upon hitting Weak Points. Activate the power (in watts) of the Gods of Thunder!

Gods of Thunder Loading Screen

The Gods of Thunder Pack includes the Gods of Thunder Loading Screen. Call the lightning and bring the hammer down:

Gods of Thunder Loading Screen
The Gods of Thunder Loading Screen.

Ignite the spark with Thor Odinson and Mighty Thor!

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