Published April 21, 2022

Embrace the Chaos: Moon Knight Sets Upon Fortnite

Moon Knight arrives in the Fortnite Item Shop. Get the Moon Knight Outfit, Mr. Knight Style, Moon Knight's Cloak Back Bling, and Crescent Darts Pickaxe.

There is chaos inside you...and it's time to embrace it!

Enacting justice for those traveling at night, Moon Knight is available now in the Fortnite Item Shop! This fist of Khonshu is willing to enact justice whether day or night on the Island, but for those a little more suave, you can switch to the Mr. Knight Style in the Locker.

Embrace the Chaos: Moon Knight Sets Upon Fortnite

Moon Knight is seldom seen without his cape, so included with his Outfit is the Moon Knight’s Cloak Back Bling. And for your close-quarters combat, the Crescent Darts Pickaxe is in the Shop as well.

Grab these items in the Shop while the moon is out and prepare to unleash the chaos!

Be the crazy that the world needs.


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