Published November 23, 2016

Entering Marvel Contest of Champions: Doctor Voodoo

Jericho Drumm casts a spell on Battlerealm!

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Jericho Drumm breaks out the spells, potions, and hocus pocus ready to take on all-comers in “Marvel Contest of Champions.” No stranger to the weird and wild and the things that go bump in the night, Doctor Voodoo’s appearance in the Contest means there’s still some magic madness players will need to deal with.

We talked to Kabam Art Director Gabriel Frizzera and Character Designer Simon Cameron about Doctor Voodoo and all his incredible abilities. The Collector and his crew are all about the magical masters right now! For the players that haven’t heard, what’s going on right now in Battlerealm?

Gabriel Frizzera: The Collector has created a brand-new challenge, the “Arcane Arena,” where Summoners are invited to fight against all the best Mystics in the Contest. In the course of this challenge, Doctor Strange approaches you to help you in a much more urgent matter: he’s investigating the upcoming threat of Thanos, and needs you to help recruit some of the most powerful magic practitioners to join in a dangerous spell circle to find answers. And Doctor Voodoo—why has he been called to fight it out with the rest of the heroes?

Gabriel Frizzera: Jericho Drumm, aka Doctor Voodoo, is one of the most powerful mystics of a very unique tradition. His powers reach the inscrutable frontiers of life and death, territories where many mystics are afraid or incapable to tread. He is an invaluable part of the Sorcerer’s Conclave summoned by Doctor Strange. Ok let’s talk about Voodoo’s moveset. Brother Daniel sounds like an incredible ability. It sounds like it gives the sorcerer either increased strength, or allows him to control the enemy for a short time?

Simon Cameron: Yes, Brother Daniel operates in one of two “modes” either Buffing Doctor Voodoo with increased Ability Accuracy and Buff Duration, or Debuffing his opponent with decreased Ability Accuracy and Debuff Duration. Brother Daniel moves back and forth based on Doctor Voodoo’s combo counter each time he triggers a Special Attack. And how do Spirit Venom, Power Burn, and Power Steal all round out Doctor Voodoo’s kit?

Simon Cameron: Spirit Venom is Doctor Voodoo’s bread and butter; not only does it Nullify Buffs, but causes quite a bit of damage over time as well. However, without Buffs to target, it loses much of its potential. Power Burn and Power Steal don’t have this limitation. Doctor Voodoo’s Power Burn ability comes from a Buff, meaning Brother Daniel can extend its duration if he’s currently possessing Doctor Voodoo. It grants the ability to Burn Power with basic attacks, doing extra damage while reducing the amount of power generated by the opponent.

Finally, Doctor Voodoo’s Power Steal functions as an over-time Debuff, meaning Brother Daniel on his opponent will extend its duration. The continual draw of Power from his opponent gives Doctor Voodoo a significant advantage both in his ability to use extra Special Attacks, and reducing the number his opponents can use back. How does Voodoo play? How will players find most success with the Haitian mystic?

Simon Cameron: Doctor Voodoo can be played in a couple of different styles, and which one is most effective will depend on who his opponent is. Against an opponent who triggers lots of Buffs, he can rely heavily on Spirit Venom, and keeping Brother Daniel on himself, to both remove those buffs from his opponent as well as do good damage. However, against stronger opponents, as well as those who don’t trigger many Buffs, Voodoo can focus more on shutting his opponent down, keeping Brother Daniel on his opponent to reduce the effectiveness of their abilities, and turning their own Power against them by blocking, burning, and stealing away. When can we recruit Jericho to our team?

Simon Cameron: Some of our Summoners have already recruited Jericho Drumm through Marvel Insider! If you missed your chance with that, don’t worry as he’ll be available this week. Keep an eye on in-game messages and arena announcements to know when you can add Doctor Voodoo to your roster!

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