Published August 7, 2018

Five Tips to Help You Unleash Your Inner Hero in Marvel Powers United VR

Smash, bash, slice, shield, and web sling with an incredible cast of heroes in the awesome Oculus Marvel game.

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Ever wondered what it’d be like to smash like the Hulk? Or carve up baddies as Wolverine? In MARVEL Powers United VR, you’ll get to do all that and more as a host of 18 heroes facing off against the most vicious villains the universe has to offer on the Oculus Rift. To prepare you for the battle ahead, we’ve compiled a quick list of tips to make sure you hit the ground running.

Learn Your Favorite Hero’s Abilities

It can be tempting to just hop into a match and start cracking skulls, but understanding what your specific hero is capable of will ensure you have the tools to fight your way out of any situation. Do you have access to area of effect attacks like the Hulk’s Gamma Leap or Crystal’s Earth Spikes? What about shields to prevent incoming damage like Black Bolt and Captain Marvel? Knowledge is power, and the more you have the easier it’ll be taking out Thanos and his goons.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Not really feeling a particular hero’s powerset? Try someone new! With 18 heroes in the roster, and with more on the way, there’s definitely a hero out there for you. Been getting up close and personal with Hulk and Wolverine? Why not try out a ranged character like Hawkeye or Storm, or a more defensive character like Cap, who can deflect missiles and grenades back to their unfortunate origins? If you’re having trouble getting into character, try another hero on for size.

Keep Your Radar Senses Sharp

The villains aren’t pulling any punches here so you’ll need to keep your eyes and ears open for any signs of bad behavior. A red indicator will show you which direction you’re taking damage from, so while you make take a hit or two, you’ll be able to serve up some piping hot revenge in no time flat. Also, keep on the lookout for objectives to defend or items to pick up. It’s not all about smashing and bashing. The big brains have a plan to take down Thanos and it’s up to you to make sure that plan survives contact with the enemy.

Know When to Use Your Ultimate

Every character has an awesomely overpowered Ultimate attack with which to smite their foes in droves. Knowing when to trigger it will help you get the most bang for your buck. For example, if one of your fellow heroes isn’t pulling their weight, Rocket Raccoon can create a turret that blasts away at nearby enemies, basically giving you another trigger-happy teammate. Need to create some space? Black Bolt’s Sonic Scream unleashes a destructive wave that’ll dismantle anything caught in the blast. Want to start an impromptu evil minion dance party? Star Lord’s got a song for that. Ultimates can turn the tide of battle so choose when to use them wisely, unless you’re Deadpool, then just paint the town rainbow whenever you get the chance.

Avengers Assemble!

Form up with three other friends and take it to Thanos and his minions to prove just how powerful friendship really is! Playing with other unknown players is cool and all, but there’s just something about sharing those Ultron-bashing, Loki-thrashing moments with your best buds that makes the epic moments even more awesome. You can even immortalize your exploits with custom comic covers you can show off on Facebook!

And with that, all you need to do is hop into a game and start kicking bad guy butt!

MARVEL Powers United VR is available now in the Oculus Store for $39.99. If you haven't set up a VR gaming section in your home just yet, you're in luck! For a limited-time, you can purchase the Oculus Rift x MARVEL Powers United VR bundle from Amazon or Best Buy for $399.

Interested in learning more about MARVEL Powers United VR? In a special This Week In Marvel video edition below, host Ryan Penagos talks to Oculus Rift’s Steve Arnold and Mat Kraemer about the immersive game and transforming fans into their favorite heroes!

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