Published July 5, 2018

Luke Cage Brings the Power to Marvel Future Fight

Now you can get your fight on with Luke Cage and Misty Knight!

Luke Cage Future Fight

If you've been catching up on the new season of "Marvel's Luke Cage" on Netflix, there's a new way to hire Harlem's hero! Luke Cage is now a playable character in Marvel Future Fight along with his ally Misty Knight! After you've watched the show, keep the action going with Luke's powerful punches and fearsome fighting techniques. And if you've seen the show, you know that Misty's no slouch -- with her bionic arm and combat skills, she's an equally effective fighter alongside Luke. With over 100 characters available to play, Luke and Misty can now step in to "strong-arm" Super Villains who are out to cause trouble.

The mobile RPG gives you access to in-game purchases like costume changes -- and if you join the fight now, you can get 100 biometric points for Luke to keep him powered up!

Download Marvel Future Fight today from the App Store or Google Play for the ultimate hero battle!