Published July 28, 2022

Piecing Together MARVEL Puzzle Quest: Chasm (Ben Reilly)

Chasm (Ben Reilly) hunts for something to fill the void in MARVEL Puzzle Quest!

As a clone of Peter ParkerBen Reilly shares his memories, his powers, and his ideals⁠—but his life has never been easy. To make himself stand apart from Spider-Man, Ben has assumed several different costumed identities, including Scarlet Spider. When he joined the Beyond Corporation, he thought he'd found a place where he could do some real good...but not for long. Someone abused his trust, went thrashing through his memories, and liquidated him in quantum-shifting polymer meant to rewrite matter, leaving behind a void. An abyss. A Chasm.

Chasm (Ben Reilly) is the latest to join the ranks of MARVEL Puzzle Quest!

Chasm (Ben Reilly) joins MARVEL Puzzle Quest

A 5-Star Rarity character with Affiliations Villains, Spider-Verse, Street Level, and Enhanced, Chasm (Ben Reilly) has a toolkit that includes Waking Abyss, Stare Into the Void, and Empty Inside.

Whenever Chasm makes a match with Waking Abyss, he converts 1 random tiles into Abyss tiles, and whenever an Abyss tile is matched or destroyed, he creates 1 random Web tiles. Abyss tiles do not award AP when matched. At the end of each turn, for each Abyss tile on the board up to 1, both teams lose 1 AP from the front character’s strongest color with 1 or more AP, then Chasm and the enemy team’s character in front take damage equal to Chasm’s match damage in that color + 133 damage.

If you gaze into the Chasm, the Chasm gazes also into you. Using Stare Into the Void, stun the enemy team for 1 turn at the start of the match. If Chasm is downed and there are 5 or more Abyss tiles on the board, Chasm is revived with 20% health, plus 2% health per Web tile on the board (max 10), then he destroys all Abyss tiles on the board and stuns the enemy team for 1 turn. Whenever a Web tile is matched, Chasm heals 266 health.

(PASSIVE) Ben’s been through a lot – sometimes, it’s easier not to feel. With Empty Inside, Chasm’s match damage is multiplied by up to 150% as the average AP on both teams approaches 0, and down to 75% as the average AP on both teams approaches 3 plus 1 for every 3 Web tiles on the board (not counting Team-Up AP).

Chasm (Ben Reilly) uses Stare Into the Void on MARVEL Puzzle Quest

Release Schedule

All times in Pacific

Release Events


The Hunt – 7/28 – 7/31

Chasm (Ben Reilly) in Placement Rewards

Cosmic Chaos – 7/31 – 8/4

Chasm (Ben Reilly) in Progression rewards


Constant Kraven – 7/28 – 8/1

Chasm (Ben Reilly) Shards as Placement rewards

Blank Stare – 7/31 – 8/3

Rewards tokens to the There Is Only Chasm vault


Corruptible Chasm Cover Store – 7/28 – 7/31

Chance to get Chasm (Ben Reilly). Increased chances in 10x and 40x pulls

There Is Only Chasm Vault – 8/4 – 8/7

Chance to get Chasm (Ben Reilly).

40 Items:

  • 1x Break Bad Legendary Store Token
  • 1x 4-Star Prowler cover
  • 3x Random 3-Star covers
  • 6x Heroic tokens
  • 4x 2500 Iso
  • 6x 1000 Iso
  •  5x 500 Iso
  • 14x Two stars
Break Bad Legendary Store – 8/7 – 8/10

15% chance to get Chasm (Ben Reilly), Ultron (Age of Ultron), Killmonger (Erik Stevens)

Additional Tokens can be purchased for 25 Command Points

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