Published January 31, 2023

MARVEL SNAP Introduces Battle Mode As a New Feature In Game

Battle against your friends with this highly competitive Friend vs Friend Play, with more features launching soon!

MARVEL SNAP Introduces Battle Mode As a New Feature In Game

The most anticipated update to MARVEL SNAP is finally here: Battle Mode! Available today, the new competitive game mode will allow friends, family, and coworkers to find out once and for all, just who is the ultimate MARVEL SNAP player. The first version of this highly competitive game mode will allow players to battle it out for ultimate MARVEL SNAP glory, with additional friendly competitive features launching in the coming months.

"Since the start of our Beta Tests, players have been asking, 'When can I play against friends?!’ And so we are STOKED to announce that the ability to Battle against friends is finally live for players worldwide,” said Ben Brode, Chief Development Officer at Second Dinner. “We’ve been testing Friendly Battles for literally years, whether by running internal tournaments or just testing our favorite decks against colleagues. Now that it's in the hands of players, I can't wait to see where it'll go from here. MARVEL SNAP TOURNAMENTS LETS GOOOO!"

Watch the Explainer video on the new Battle Mode now!

MARVEL SNAP’s Battle Mode is a highly social and even more engaging way of playing the game, designed to bring out everyone’s competitive nature. By sharing their battle code with friends or other players, players can enter 1:1 battles. In Battle Mode, opponents face off in multiple back-to-back games, using the same decks each game. Each player starts with 10 Health, and after each game, the winner deals damage to the loser. The damage starts at 1 and doubles by Snapping. Once a player loses all of their health, that player loses the Battle. There is no round limit in Battle Mode. Battle Mode will be updated with even more competitive features and opportunities over the coming months.

MARVEL SNAP has truly changed the competitive card game (CCG) space. Finally there now is a CCG game that is designed for everyone, and it just got even better with Battle Mode!” said Tom van Dam, Senior Director of Global Business at Nuverse. “Battle Mode takes MARVEL SNAP to the next level, making the game that much more social, and finally gives players the opportunity to feel the epic thrill of a big win against their friends and family. We can’t wait to keep surprising players with awesome updates to the game over the coming year.”

“Epic collisions between friends and frenemies have fueled so many memorable Marvel moments,“ says Bill Rosemann, Vice President and Creative Director at Marvel Games. “MARVEL SNAP’s new Battle Mode allows players to leap into fast paced card battling combat with their friends and family to create their own amazing memories.”

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