Published June 13, 2023

MARVEL SNAP Introduces Conquest Mode As a New Feature In Game

Get ready for a whole new way to play MARVEL SNAP with this single-loss elimination-style tournament!

MARVEL SNAP Introduces Conquest Mode As a New Feature In Game

Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure with the all-new Conquest Mode in MARVEL SNAP! This exciting mode brings a fresh twist to the game, challenging players to climb the ranks, earn medals, and ultimately unlock exclusive rewards. We’re here to guide you through this action-packed mode, breaking down everything you need to know to conquer each tier and claim your victory!

Overview of Conquest

Conquest is an adrenaline-pumping journey where players enter a series of competitive runs, each with increasing difficulty. Your objective? Rack up consecutive wins against other players and advance through the tiers: Proving Grounds, Silver, Gold, and the ultimate challenge, Infinity. With each victory, you’ll earn medals and secure your spot in the next Conquest. And as you progress, the rewards only get better!

Check out the walkthrough of this exciting new mode of play!

Conquest Tiers

Each Conquest tier presents a unique challenge that will put your skills to the test. As you climb the ranks, the difficulty increases, but so do the rewards! Here’s a full breakdown of each tier:

MARVEL SNAP Conquest Rewards

The Ultimate Challenge: Infinity Conquest

Unlike the other tiers (which are always available), you can only play the Infinity Conquest during the final week of the season. Save up those Infinity Tickets, and get ready for a wild week of competition. Win, and you’ll be awarded an Infinity-Framed copy of your current Avatar—the ultimate symbol of your triumph. This exclusive reward can only be obtained by conquering the Infinity Conquest.

The Medal Shop: Your Reward Headquarters

The Medal Shop is your one-stop destination for turning hard-earned medals into fantastic rewards. Offering new items each week, the shop provides a selection of rewards for you to enjoy. Most items can only be purchased once. Rack up enough purchases, and you’ll unlock a bonus reward for the season. And with each new season comes a fresh, new Medal Shop.

Battle Mode: The Most-High Skill Way to play MARVEL SNAP

Conquest uses Battle Mode as its format. Battle Mode is different from regular MARVEL SNAP. Battle Mode pits two opponents against each other through multiple rounds. Each player starts with 10 health. Instead of Cubes, what’s at stake is the amount of damage the winner will deal to the loser. If you can deplete your opponent’s health to zero, you win! In Battle Mode, the stakes become front and center. Every SNAP and Retreat takes extra meaning, as every point of health is critical to remaining alive.

Further, each player’s deck is locked for the duration of the Battle. This means you’ll quickly learn what cards are in their deck, and your opponent might be aware of what sneaky tricks you’re hiding. Keeping track of what cards in your deck haven’t been seen by your opponent can make all the difference in whether you can squeeze out an extra SNAP.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Conquest offers an exhilarating new way to play, filled with thrilling challenges, enticing rewards, and new strategy. Are you ready to conquer the tiers and claim your place among the champions? Dive into Conquest today and begin your journey to the top!

MARVEL SNAP Conquest Mode Ladder

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