Published December 21, 2023

'Marvel's Midnight Suns' Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

Check out some fun collaborations with 'MARVEL Puzzle Quest' and 'MARVEL SNAP'!

Marvel's Midnight Suns Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

We can't believe how time flies...It's been one year since the release of Marvel's Midnight Suns, and in celebration, we've got some fun collaborations with other titles you may recognize—none other than MARVEL Puzzle Quest and MARVEL SNAP!


The forces of darkness are on the rise in MARVEL Puzzle Quest and only one group of Super Heroes can weather the coming storm. We’re excited to announce a Midnight Suns takeover celebration to wrap up the year in style!

Marvel's Midnight Suns protagonist The Hunter is joining MARVEL Puzzle Quest's roster of Super Heroes as part of a Midnight Suns takeover event to cap off their momentous 10-year celebrations of match-3 action. In addition to adding the legendary demon slayer to their team, MARVEL Puzzle Quest players can purchase new Midnight Suns-themed costumes for Blade and Magik, and participate in Midnight Suns PvP events to earn in-game rewards!

MARVEL Puzzle Quest The Hunter (Midnight Suns)


The Hunter is the newest addition to the MARVEL Puzzle Quest roster! She was born centuries ago from the union of a simple ordinary man and an immortal sorceress. Sadly, The Hunter’s father passed away from the plague that ravaged the lands which sent the sorceress down a twisted path of darkness in her grief. While the sorceress wreaked havoc throughout the realm of man, The Hunter was whisked away to be raised in secret in the hope she would one day face her mother and end her chaotic rampage. As the centuries passed, The Hunter trained to channel both the powers of Light and Dark and bends them to her will. Join the Midnight Suns and restore peace to MPQ with both 3-star and 5-star variants of The Hunter! 

MARVEL Puzzle Quest The Hunter (Midnight Suns)

Logging in to MARVEL Puzzle Quest between December 14 and December 28, 2023, will earn players a 3-star "Initiate" version of The Hunter to add to their Super Hero squad. This reward is available on all platforms (Android, iOS, and Windows) and will be delivered to your MARVEL Puzzle Quest Cache on the Roster tab.*

During this two-week window, players also have an opportunity to purchase a 5-star "Midnight Suns" version of The Hunter.

*MARVEL Puzzle Quest account and internet connection required. One redemption per MARVEL Puzzle Quest account.



Any Midnight Suns event wouldn’t be complete without your favorite Queen of Limbo, Magik, and expert Vampire Slayer, Blade. Players will have the opportunity to purchase two epic Midnight Suns-themed costumes during the takeover. The first costume available will be for 4-Star Magik (Classic) and features Illyana’s Midnight Suns armor.

MARVEL Puzzle Quest Magik (Illyana Rasputin)

The next costume available will be for 4-Star Blade (Modern) and features Blade's Midnight Suns armor and deadly katana! You can pick up this awesome costume on December 21st.

MARVEL Puzzle Quest Blade (Midnight Suns)

MARVEL Puzzle Quest players can participate in Midnight Suns PvP events to earn Hero Points, Iso-8 in-game currency, and covers of Midnight Suns heroes that appear in the game. Players can also earn Daily Play Tokens and unlock rewards from a Midnight Suns-themed vault by playing with Midnight Suns heroes between December 14 and December 28!



Get ready to embrace the darker side of Marvel with style and flair—with free login rewards, exclusive bundles, a total shop takeover, and an all-new location with The AbbeyMarvel's Midnight Suns teamed up with MARVEL SNAP for an unforgettable collaboration!

Players who logged on during the Midnight Suns takeover were treated to a free giveaway of a Doctor Strange Midnight Suns variant! Those brave enough to go into battle during the takeover also had a chance to earn the Conquest exclusive Iron Man Midnight Suns variant.

Also featured was the new location, The Abbey! Players’ very own mystical secret base from Marvel's Midnight Suns is now the perfect spot to gather more resources and plan a new strategy in MARVEL SNAP. The first player to put exactly 2 cards on The Abbey gets to draw a card.

Celebrate one of Marvel's Midnight Suns most iconic moments—and Illyana Rasputin's "favorite" thing in the world—via her very own Midnight Suns variant bundle: Magik's Birthday Party! Bundle includes:

  • Magik - Midnight Suns Variant
  • Magik - Midnight Suns Avatar
  • Title: TSA Took My Soulsword
  • 750 Credits
  • 1500 Gold
  • 155 Magik Boosters
  • Price: $14.99


MARVEL SNAP x Marvel's Midnight Suns

Love the black and gold look of the Midnight Suns? Covet the gorgeous collectibles found on The Abbey grounds? Look no further—all-new Midnight Suns Variants from Marvel's Midnight Suns took over the entire shop in October and are now back in daily rotation.




●          Black Panther - The Emperor

●          Blade - Midnight Suns

●          Bucky Barnes - The Hanged Man

●          Captain America - Midnight Suns

●          Captain Marvel - Midnight Suns

●          Deadpool - The Fool

●          Death - Death

●          Doctor Doom - The Magician

●          Domino - The Wheel of Fortune

●          Galactus - The Judgement

●          Human Torch - The Sun

●          Jean Grey - The High Priestess

●          Moon Knight - The Moon

●          Namor - The Hermit

●          Nova - The Star

●          Professor X - The Hierophant

●          Scarlet Witch - Midnight Suns

●          She-Hulk - Justice

●          Silver Surfer - The Chariot

●          Spider-Man - Midnight Suns

●          Storm - The Empress

●          Thor - Strength

●          Uatu the Watcher - The World

●          Wolverine - Midnight Suns


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