Published September 15, 2017

National Video Game Week Countdown: Day Four

Get a new perspective on a retro Spidey game from the Insomniac crew!

Image for National Video Game Week Countdown: Day Four

Welcome to National Video Game Week here at! To celebrate the occasion, we’re taking a look at the gaming history of our very own friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. And who better to swing with us through the annals of Spidey-game history than the dev team at Insomniac Games? This stellar group—hard at work bringing the Wall-Crawler to life on PlayStation 4— have run the gamut of web-slinging video game action over the years, from arcade cabinets right up to the PlayStation 3.

Each day, we’ll bring you the thoughts of someone new at Insomniac, so check back to hear more about all of these spectacular, amazing versions of Spider-Man!

As the Community Director at Insomniac, James Stevenson has his finger on the pulse of Spidey game fans. He brings us the whirlwind experience he had reviewing “Spider-Man 2” for PlayStation 2 back in the day…

“I was writing for ‘Cinescape Magazine’ at the time, and had covered ‘Spider-Man 2’ in preview form,” shares Stevenson. “Fairly last minute, Activision asked me to fly out so my review could hit on launch day for the game and film. I basically flew to [Los Angeles], went to Activision’s offices, and spent a full day playing the game while food and beverage was brought to me to keep me going. It was pretty incredible to have the sense of freedom and the incredible web-swinging. While I was clumsy at first, by the end of the game I was pulling off audacious stuff while swinging around Manhattan. I went back to my hotel room and wrote the review for publication. I flew home that morning and there was a FedEx box on the porch with a copy of the game; even though I had just spent a full day playing it for review, I went straight in and started up a new game to play some more.”

Next week, we wrap things up with one more classic Spidey gaming experience!