Published September 18, 2017

National Video Game Week: Day Five

Take a trip down memory lane with one last legendary Spider-Man game!

Image for National Video Game Week: Day Five

Welcome to National Video Game Week here at! To celebrate the occasion, we’re taking a look at the gaming history of our very own friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. And who better to swing with us through the annals of Spidey-game history than the dev team at Insomniac Games? This stellar group—hard at work bringing the Wall-Crawler to life on PlayStation 4— have run the gamut of web-slinging video game action over the years, from arcade cabinets right up to the PlayStation 3.

Each day, we’ll bring you the thoughts of someone new at Insomniac, so check back to hear more about all of these spectacular, amazing versions of Spider-Man!

To close out our countdown, Jon Paquette – Senior Writer on “Marvel’s Spider-Man” at Insomniac – recounts the time he spent with “Amazing Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin” on Sega CD.

“This came out in the early 90s,” he begins. “I was in college, and I worked at a Blockbuster Video. I couldn’t afford my own game console, but I could use the rental stuff we had in store. I always chose to play the Sega CD games because the store’s Sega CD unit was never rented out. This game was perfect for me because it was non-linear in the sense that you had a map of the city, and you could just pick a location, do a quick level, then go back to the main map. Not to mention that this game hits all the nostalgia buttons; being young, being broke, and trying to sneak in some game-time while I was supposed to be dusting shelves and rewinding tapes.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed our National Video Game Week celebration—and look forward to “Marvel’s Spider-Man,” coming to PlayStation 4 courtesy of Insomniac Games!