Published December 6, 2016

New Heroes (for Hire) and Villains Join ‘Marvel Tsum Tsum’

Utilize Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and more!

Image for New Heroes (for Hire) and Villains Join ‘Marvel Tsum Tsum’

In the latest update for “Marvel Tsum Tsum,” NHN has gone all out. We’ll see a few new heroes and villains and some set up for the game’s next big event beginning next week. Not to mention they expanded the game’s social features, allowing players to interact more often and with even more friends than before!

One of Marvel’s greatest crimefighting couples, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, start off this month’s batch of new Tsum Tsum heroes. Even more Defenders will join their two teammates throughout December, and you’ll definitely want to recruit them. Every new hero added this month will have a special advantage against the new villains wreaking havoc.

Speaking of new villains, the first two of December’s three villains already stalk our Tsum Tsum heroes: Chemistro and Cottonmouth!  Take them on with Luke Cage or Jessica Jones leading your team for the best chance of bringing them down and setting your best high scores.

Meanwhile, in a new event, the Heroes for Hire storm “Marvel Tsum Tsum!” Tackle the new stages to earn a special event-only Tsum Tsum before the hired heroes disappear. To help better equip players to take on these stages, NHN has also expanded the “Marvel Tsum Tsum” social features. Now, syncing with Facebook expands your total possible friend slots to 50! More friends mean more energy gifts, making it even easier to focus on the new stages. Plus, you can quickly and easily add all your Facebook friends who play Marvel Tsum Tsum with a new “request all” button.

Gear up now to join the Heroes for Hire and battle December’s new villains with your friends in “Marvel Tsum Tsum”!

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