Published March 21, 2019

Fury Has His Eye On You in Marvel Contest of Champions

War is a universal language.

Marvel Contest of Champions - Nick Fury

Known across The Battlerealm as a powerful leader and master tactician, Nick Fury is a seasoned combat veteran. You may have previewed him with his early access bundle last week, but the S.H.I.E.L.D. operative is now live in Marvel Contest of Champions today!

In addition to his martial arts training, Fury, a master of espionage, has access to an arsenal of lethal weapons developed by S.H.I.E.L.D., ensuring he's always equipped to fight should the situation arise.

The tactical 4-star Fury constantly builds tactical charges throughout the fight. The more he has, the more abilities he can utilize—making him more of a danger as the fight goes on. Additionally, once per quest Fury's decoy allows him to bypass death, granting him access to some incredibly high damage potential in his true form. A powerful leader equipped with a ton of team synergies, Fury fits easily into many team combinations by providing exceptional utility.

Fury is an exceptional Champion. Use him against opponents that evade frequently or cause attacks to miss. For a limited window of time, Fury's active Fury can net out some serious damage when paired with his infinite duration from his signature ability. Use this during fights with bosses or difficult opponents. With 15 or more charges, Fury is unblockable allowing him to serve up serious punishment. On the flip side, Fury's weaknesses include bleed immune opponents, regenerating opponents, and any opponent (i.e. Mutants) that can affect his ability to gain tactical charges since he relies heavily on them.

Fury's kit includes three Specials and one Special Ability. The first Special, S.H.I.E.L.D. Air Strike, gives Fury 4 Tactical charges as he calls down multiple airstrikes from the Helicarrier above. With Tactical Takedown, Fury lets loose a series of knife slashes followed with a shot from his pistol. He can also throw an electrical gadget at his opponent, shocking them and holding them in place before firing a deadly shot from his Destroyer Gun. His signature ability, a nod to his comic inspiration, is Life Model Decoy. When he's supposed to be knocked out, his LMD is destroyed instead allowing him to return to the fight with a permanent Fury's Fury Buff and Stun Immunity. However, this ability comes at a cost. He loses his Infinity Formula and begins Degenerating 3.3% of his health per second for the rest of the quest. Also, the destruction of his LMD removes all effects and isn't affected by Ability Accuracy reduction.

Recommended Masteries include Deep Wounds, Liquid Courage & Double Edge, Extended Fury & Enhanced Fury, and Courage.

Nick Fury is now available on Marvel Contest of Champions on iOS and Android devices!

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