Published December 17, 2021

Piecing Together Marvel Puzzle Quest: Big Wheel (Jackson Weele)

"Jackson Weele was a corrupt businessman who, when faced with hubbub surrounding his crimes, geared up and turned to the streets for revenge and profit."

“Jackson Weele was a corrupt businessman who, when faced with hubbub surrounding his crimes, geared up and turned to the streets for revenge and profit. After a brief retirement, he now pilots his bespoke molybdenum steel vehicle as the fearsome Big Wheel.”

Big Wheel is the latest to join the ranks of Marvel Puzzle Quest!

Big Wheel

A 5-Star Rarity character with Affiliation Villains, Jackson Weele has a toolkit that includes Spin Me Right Round, Tread On Me, and Wheelhouse.

Show’s over, spokes: Big Wheel goes into overdrive and rolls over everything in his way with Spin Me Right Round. Rotate the center 2×2 block of tiles (including Locked tiles), removing any special tiles in that block, and dealing 426 damage to the enemy team. Then, Big Wheel deals 117 damage to a random enemy for each Speed Point he has. (Max level 1713 team damage, 472 damage for each Speed Point)

No need to reinvent the wheel when Big Wheel’s molybdenum steel treads can turn his target into scrap with Tread On Me. Choose a tile and rotate the 3×3 block of tiles around it (including Locked tiles) removing any Strike, Attack, and Protect tiles in that block. Deal 605 damage, plus 186 damage for every Speed Point that Big Wheel has. (Max level 2433 damage, plus 750 damage for each Speed Point)

(PASSIVE) Big Wheel tirelessly builds momentum, proving he’s not all torque with Wheelhouse. Whenever Big Wheel’s team makes a match beyond the first in a turn, Big Wheel gains 1 Speed Point. If Big Wheel has 6 or more Speed Points at the start of your turn, Big Wheel spins out, rotating the board (including Locked tiles) and dealing 422 damage per Speed Point, then reducing Speed Points to 0. (Max level 1696 damage)

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #183 cover by Ross Andru
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #183 cover by Ross Andru

Release Schedule

Store Offerings

Revolutionary Big Wheel Cover Store – Dec 16-21

  • Chance to get Big Wheel (Jackson Weele). Increased chances in 10x and 40x pulls

Big Wheel Limited Vault – Dec 23-28

  • 40 Items
    • 1x Roll The Dice Legendary Store Token
    • 1x 4-Star Blob (Modern) cover
    • 3x Random 3-Star covers
    • 6x Heroic tokens
    • 4x 2500 Iso
    • 6x 1000 Iso
    • 5x 500 Iso
    • 14x Two stars

Roll The Dice Legendary Store – Dec 23-28

  • 15% chance to get Big Wheel (Jackson Weele), Wolverine (Old Man Logan), Gambit (Classic)
  • Additional Tokens can be purchased for 25 Command Points

Release Debut:

Webbed Wonder – Dec 16-20

  • Big Wheel (Jackson Weele) in placement rewards

Introducing… Big Wheel – Dec 16-23

Featured Event:

Meet Rocket & Groot – Dec 19-24

  • Big Wheel (Jackson Weele) as a progression reward

Versus Tournaments:

Oops, All Spiders! – Dec 16-20

  • Big Wheel (Jackson Weele) shards as a placement reward

Roll Model – Dec 19-22

  • Rewards tokens to the Revolutionary Big Wheel cover store

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