Published May 30, 2017

Piecing Together Marvel Puzzle Quest: Doctor Octopus

Get your tentacles on a classic Spider-Man villain!

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Looking to spice up your “Marvel Puzzle Quest” roster with some classic Spider-Man villains? Well you don’t get much more classic than Doctor Octopus with a bowl cut and it just so happens he and his tentacles get the 5-Star treatment later this week. We talked to D3 Go! Producer Josh Austin about the maniacal scientist’s upgrade and what players can expect from Otto Octavius, one of Spidey’s most dogged nemeses. Why the sudden Doc Ock love? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of the man, but what was the impetus behind his 5-Star treatment?

Josh Austin: I am sensing it may be a big summer for Spider-Man and company. So why not a well-known villain like Doctor Octopus to start it off with a fun nod to his classic bowl cut look? Doc Ock 3-Star is all about using his opponent’s strengths against them. What kind of villain were you trying to create with the new Octavius?

Josh Austin: This version of Doc Ock is a lot of fun with the science aspect of his character. That mixed with the inventive use of his tentacles helping to continue the attack even when he’s stunned, helps make this variation stand out from the 3-Star version. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty and talk about his abilities. What sort of deviousness does he have in store for his enemies?

Josh Austin: The first power is called Superior Science and it costs 10 Black AP. For this power Doctor Octopus works on a new invention, grabbing hostages, forcing them to work before tossing them away. This power stuns the target and creates a Countdown tile. While on the board, it stuns the target each turn. When it expires, the target takes damage and it creates Strike tiles.

The second power is called Tentacles and costs eight Blue AP to have Doc Ock’s tentacles lashing out constantly. If he has fewer than four on the board, Doc Ock creates a Tentacle tile. Then he deals damage for each Tentacle tile he controls. This power also has a Passive that triggers at the start of each turn. If Doctor Octopus is stunned, his tentacles make a match for his team for each Tentacle tile he controls.

The last power costs 13 Green AP and is called Cunning Scheme. Doctor Octopus generously creates a nuclear reactor to power the city, but secretly rigs it to blow. Place a 10-turn Nuclear Reactor Countdown tile on the board that deals damage to each enemy.

The power then becomes Phase 2 and costs eight Green AP. Doctor Octopus’s generator powers hospitals. Upgrade the Nuclear Reactor tile to give a burst of health to each friendly character each turn. This power also has a Passive ability that if the reactor is matched it gains 11 Green AP. If it’s destroyed, this power becomes Cunning Scheme.  After using the eight Green AP this power then becomes Phase 3.

Now when this power becomes Phase 3, it costs six Green AP. This power upgrades the Nuclear Reactor tile so that it deals damage to each enemy each turn. There is a Passive that if the Reactor is matched it [gains] 14 Green AP and if it’s destroyed, this power becomes Cunning Scheme again. If the player is able to spend the six Green AP, this power becomes Final Phase.

Final Phase is a Passive! All his work has led Doctor Octopus to this perfect moment. If Doc Ock’s Nuclear Reactor is matched away when its timer reaches “1,” he wins the battle! If Doc Ock’s Nuclear Reactor is matched at another time, gain 18 Green AP. If it’s destroyed, this power becomes Cunning Scheme. So if I read this right, Doc Ock can wipe out the entire enemy team, boss Galactus style, with his Nuclear Reactor tile? That’s wild!

Josh Austin: That is correct! It’s a pretty complicated villainous scheme, but once it’s fully executed Doctor Octopus wins the match outright. What’s great about this complicated power is that it feels just like an actual villain’s plot to take down a super hero; it’s complicated and takes a while to get going just like all the villians do in the comics. The only missing part is a long monologue from Doctor Octopus! And he’s not too bad at incapacitating the other team so they can’t fight his Superior Science. Thor (Goddess of Thunder) feels like she would make a great teammate with that three-turn stun of hers. Anyone else come to mind?

Josh Austin: The teammates that the team recommends are characters that can protect or activate his Countdown tiles including Green Goblin (Norman Osborn), Hawkeye (Clint Barton), Sam Wilson (Captain America), and Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers). Of course rounding the team out with someone that can generate Green AP will help tremendously; this includes Jean Grey (All-New X-Men), Drax (The Destroyer), and Invisible Woman (Classic). I really like that his tentacles can do work for him, even if stunned! I just wanted to let the design team know it’s a super cool ability that gets to the heart of Doc Ock’s character.

Josh Austin: Thank you so much! The team has been doing a great job of adding characters and events lately to change things up. The team has been hard at work at continuously finding new ways to add to this game that [keep] it fun and competitive each year. And I agree, the new Doctor Octopus Tentacle tile and his devastating Cunning Scheme power are great additions to “Marvel Puzzle Quest”! When can we utilize Octavius’ nefarious intellect for ourselves?

Josh Austin: Doctor Octopus (Classic) 5-Star will be available on June 1. The 5-Star cover store will be available to get Doctor Octopus (Classic) with increased odds. Doctor Octopus will be featured in the Webbed Wonder event that starts on June 1 with his new art added into the event. The player will still get a Howard cover and will also be able to get a Token for the 5-Star Doc Ock Cover store. Doctor Octopus (Classic) will then be added to the Latest Legends store June 19.

Grab a hold of Doctor Octopus’ tentacles here and stay tuned to for more “Marvel Puzzle Quest” news and interviews.


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