Published October 14, 2021

Piecing Together Marvel Puzzle Quest: Gamora (Deadliest Woman)

“After killing off nearly the entire Zen-Whoberi race, Thanos adopted its last survivor, Gamora, as his own daughter and trained her to be a fearsome assassin."

“After killing off nearly the entire Zen-Whoberi race, Thanos adopted its last survivor, Gamora, as his own daughter and trained her to be a fearsome assassin. Following years of doing his dirty work, the Deadliest Woman in the Galaxy grew to resent Thanos, eventually defecting to join the Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Inspired by Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, the upcoming video game developed by Eidos Montreal and Square Enix in collaboration with Marvel Games, Gamora is the first character in a Marvel mobile game to be inspired from a Marvel console game. And soon she'll be joining the ranks of Marvel Puzzle Quest!

Gamora (Deadliest Woman)

A 5-Star Rarity character with Affiliations Heroes and Guardians of the Galaxy, Gamora (Deadliest Woman) has a toolkit that includes Bladed Finesse, Relentless Assassin, and Pulse Disruption. 

You’d be hard pressed to find someone more formidable than the Deadliest Woman in the Galaxy with a sword and a grudge. Enter Bladed Finesse. Deals 1477 damage to the enemy team, plus separate blows of 1477 damage to the target for each enemy Downed this mission (to a max of 3). (Max level 5935 damage and separate blows damage)

With Relentless Assassin, Gamora pursues her mark, wearing them down to the point of exhaustion before making her final strike. Deals 2067 damage and creates a 2-turn Black Countdown tile targeting that character. (Max level 8309 damage) 

(PASSIVE) Each time the targeted character takes damage, increase the timer on the Countdown tile by 1. If the targeted character fires a power while the Countdown tile has at least 10 turns, Gamora deals 4219 damage to that character and the tile is removed. (Max level 16957 damage) *This ability is undergoing a final balance pass, details may change.*

Gamora strikes her foe with Pulse Disruption, emitting a concussive wave that knocks enemies off their guard. Deals 1181 damage to the target and creates a 3-turn Yellow Repeater tile that stuns a random enemy for 1 turn when it activates. While this tile is on the board, friendly damage cannot be reduced. (Max level 4748 damage)

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy


Store Offerings

Deadly Gamora Cover Store – Oct 21-31

  • Chance to get Gamora (Deadliest Woman). Increased chances in 10x and 40x pulls

Gamora Limited Vault – Oct 21-26

  • 40 Items
  • 1x Slash and Burn Legendary Store Token
  • 1x 4-Star Loki (Alligator of Mischief) cover
  • 3x Random 3-Star covers
  • 6x Heroic tokens
  • 4x 2500 Iso
  • 6x 1000 Iso
  • 5x 500 Iso
  • 14x Two stars

Slash and Burn Legendary Store – Oct 21-26

  • 15% chance to get Gamora (Deadliest Woman), Wolverine (Samurai Daken), Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes)
  • Additional Tokens can be purchased for 25 Command Points

Release Debut:

Meet Rocket & Groot – Oct 21-25

  • Gamora (Deadliest Woman) in placement rewards

Introducing… Gamora – Oct 21-28

Featured Event:

Fight For Wakanda – Oct 24-29

  • Gamora (Deadliest Woman) as a progression reward

Versus Tournaments:

Avenging Angel (Angel) – Oct 21-25

  • Gamora (Deadliest Woman) shards as a placement reward

The Jade Assassin – Oct 24-27

  • Rewards tokens to the Deadly Gamora cover store

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