Published August 29, 2019

Piecing Together Marvel Puzzle Quest: Human Torch (Jim Hammond)

Go Nova!

Human Torch

Feeling the heat? Go Nova with Human Torch (Jim Hammond), the newest 4-Star to fire up Marvel Puzzle Quest. Recruit him into your roster now!

The original Human Torch, Jim Hammond is an android with a peculiar flaw - he bursts into flames when exposed to oxygen. Don't underestimate this red-hot hero; He's been saving the world since before you were born!

Human Torch

The 4-Star Rarity has a tool kit that includes Blaze Beyond Control, Wildfire, and Burning Persistence.

The Human Torch goes Nova, draining his energy reserves to blast the enemy with immense heat with Blaze Beyond Control, a mid-cost Red power. The move destroys all friendly Repeater tiles, dealing 333 damage to the enemy team. This damage is increase by 167 for each Repeater tile destroyed.

Human Torch

With Wildfire, a mid-cost Green power, the Human Torch hurls fire at his enemies, igniting a firestorm, creating a 1-Turn Green Repeater Tile that deals 61 damage to a random enemy.

Passive: at the start of your turn, if there are at least 1 of the Human Torch's Green Repeaters on the board, create an additional 1-turn Green Repeater (max. 4).

As long as his allies fight on, the Human Torch's flames will never be extinguished due to his Burning Persistence, a Passive power. Whenever an ally fires a power, fortify 2 friendly Repeater tiles and create a strength 108 Yellow Strike tile.

Human Torch

Human Torch (Jim Hammond) is available at increased odds for a special limited time. Recruit him with store offering S.H.I.E.L.D. Training Heroes for Hire from now to September 5, and limited vault Human Torch & Friends, starting September 1 through September 7. Events Webbed Wonder starts today through September 3, featured event Simulator September 2 to September 6, and versus event Trial By Fire September 1-3.

Human Torch (Jim Hammond) is part of Marvel Puzzle Quest's Marvel 80th Anniversary celebrations, which includes a couple of cover swaps. Check out the gallery below!

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