Published June 18, 2020

Piecing Together Marvel Puzzle Quest: Legion (David Haller)

David has the potential to be the most powerful mutant the world has ever seen.


David Haller's mind is home to over 200 different personas, each with their own incredible mutant power. 

As the son of Professor Charles Xavier, David has the potential to be the most powerful mutant the world has ever seen. To do so, he must learn to conquer his inner demons, quell the chaos within his mind, and finally embrace his father's legacy. Pick Legion up now as the latest character Marvel Puzzle Quest.


4-Star Rarity (Legendary) with affiliations Heroes and Mutants has a tool kit that includes Tyrannix the Abominoid, Ksenia Nadedja Panov, K-Zek the Conduit, The Delusionaut, The Mycojester, and The Origamist. 


Using Ksenia Nadedja Panov, a mid-cost red power, the discus champion and Moscow heiress allows David to create deadly ionic energy blades from his fingertips. Deals 463 damage, ignoring Protect tiles. Deals 139 extra damage for each Tyrannix the Abominoid tile in the target's colors.

With K-Zek the Conduit, a mid-cost yellow power, K-Zek's energy manipulating powers turn the enemy's strength against them. Choose a color. Deals 383 damage plus 48 damage for each AP the opponent has more of than you in that color, then destroys 2 of that enemy AP.


David channels the powers of The Delusionaut to create himself a momentary reprieve. Creates a Black Invisibility tile targeting David, then restores 232 health. Grants a burst of 166 health to a random ally if the enemy has 0 AP in any color.


And with the help of The Mycojester, David releases debilitating toxic spores across the battlefield. Creates a 1-turn Repeater tile that replicates itself on an adjacent basic tile, leaving behind a strength 42 Attack tile.


Lastly, David calls forth The Origamist, a powerful reality bender, to eliminate enemy threats. Removes an enemy Strike, Protect, or Attack tile and Fortifies a friendly special tile, then improves a friendly Strike, Protect, or Attack tile by 37.

Store offerings for Legion include Legion & Friends, running June 18 through June 23. Legion’s Featured Event is Lost in Time running June 22 through June 26, and Welcome to S.H.I.E.L.D. running June 21 through 26. Legion’s Versus Tournament, A Change of Mind, happens June 21 through June 24.

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