Published January 30, 2020

Piecing Together Marvel Puzzle Quest: Mister Sinister (Nathaniel Essex)

This 5-Star Rarity (Epic) character emerges from the shadows!

mister sinister

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Mister Sinister will stop at nothing to understand genetic mutation. Unburdened by morality, he uses his vast array of powers and superior intellect to concoct convoluted multi-decade plans to achieve his goals. 

Operating in the shadows, Mister Sinister steps into the fray only when absolutely necessary. And now, Mister Sinister is making the move to Marvel’s Puzzle Quest as the latest 5-Star Rarity (Villain) to join!


The 5-Star Rarity (Epic) with affiliation Villains has a tool kit that includes Original Sinister, Sinister Secrets, and Behold!

Gleefully tosses one of his clones into the line of fire, Mister Sinister unleashes Original Sinister, a black passive power. If an enemy would deal 1735 or more damage and the friendly team has at least 3 Black AP, drain 3 friendly Black AP, prevent up to 1215 damage, and create 2 Trap tiles that deal 417 damage when matched by either team.


With Sinister Secrets, a purple passive power, Mister Sinister's schemes account for all externalities. Whenever an enemy fires a power, Mister Sinister creates 1 Trap tile. If the enemy has 7 or more AP in a Sinister Secrets Trap tile's color when it is matched by either team, steal 3 enemy AP in that color. Otherwise, destroy 2 enemy AP in that color.


Mister Sinister also knows that he’s the only one who understands his plans. Using Behold!, a mid-cost blue power, Mister Sinister creates 3 Trap tiles that deal 469 damage for each friendly Trap tile on the board (including these tiles; up to 8 tiles) when matched by either team.


Recruit Mister Sinister between January 30 and February 4 where he is a token reward in the store, or during X-Men vs Apocalypse between February 6 and February 10 with rewards tokens to the Sins of the Father Legendary cover store. Additionally, there’s a Special Limited Vault for Nathaniel Essex between February 6 and February 11 featuring 40 items. 

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