Published November 5, 2020

Piecing Together Marvel Puzzle Quest: Red Guardian

Red Guardian's powerful attacks level the playing field and the opponent.

As a soldier and test pilot for the USSR, Alexei Shostakov proved his skill and unimpeachable moral character. His homeland recognized these efforts by selecting him for the government's Super-Soldier Program, where he assumed the inspiring and patriotic mantle of Red Guardian. Now, he’s the latest character to land in Marvel Puzzle Quest!

red guardian

The 4-Star Rarity (Legendary) with affiliation Heroes has a tool kit that includes Man of Action, Iron Will, and Close Quarters. 

Using  Man of Action, a mid-cost red power, Red Guardian's powerful attacks level the playing field and the opponent. Deals 605 damage plus an additional 504 extra damage if there is at least 1 enemy Protect tile on the board. This power ignores enemy Protect tiles.

Red Guardian inspires his team to great heights by demonstrating his own resolve with Iron Will, a passive yellow power. Whenever an ally fires a power, Red Guardian creates 2 strength 25 Yellow Protect tiles.

Unleashing Close Quarters, a mid-cost blue power, Red Guardian engages the enemy in single combat. Creates 2 strength 44 Attack tiles and stuns both Red Guardian and the target for 1 turn. If there are 5 or more friendly Protect tiles on the board, stuns the target for 1 additional turn.

red guardian

Pick up Red Guardian during his release events, Operation Spider Silk running November 5 through November 10; and Introducing… Red Guardian running November 5 through November 12. 

Red Guardian's featured event The Hunt runs November 9 through November 13; and Welcome to S.H.I.E.L.D. running November 8 through November 13. A versus tournament, Red Alert, runs November 8 through November 11. 

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