Published April 8, 2021

Piecing Together Marvel Puzzle Quest: Scarlet Witch (WandaVision)

Welcome to her reality.


Wanda Maximoff and Vision say goodbye to city strife, and settle into a quiet suburban life in their new hometown of Westview. Try as Wanda may to fit in and conceal her powers from neighbors, merry domestic mishaps call this magical maven into action! With a magical wiggle of her fingers, is there anything she can’t do, or conflict she can’t resolve? Now, she’s the latest character to land in Marvel Puzzle Quest!

The 5-Star Rarity character with affiliation Heroes, Avengers, and Team Cap has a tool kit that includes Welcome To My Reality, Debilitating Hex, and Mystical Feedback. 


Welcome To My Reality, a low-cost purple power, becomes Chaos Magic when Scarlet Witch restructures the world to her will. Its color is the chosen tile’s color.

Scarlet Witch channels chaos energy to focus her power with (passive) Chaos Magic. At the start of the turn, if there’s fewer than 10 tiles in this power’s color on the board, convert 1 Team-Up tile to this power’s color. Friendly powers deal 2% extra damage for each AP you have in this power’s color. 

With Debilitating Hex, a high-cost blue power, Scarlet Witch casts a powerful hex on her enemies, causing them to reevaluate their own reality. Choose a tile to become a 3-turn Countdown tile. While it’s on the board, the target’s powers are lowered by 4 levels (to a minimum of 1) and that enemy takes 45% more damage from friendly powers for each Debilitating Hex tile targeting them.

Using Mystical Feedback, a passive green power, Scarlet Witch’s subconscious protects her and her allies from harm, giving her strength to neutralize enemy threats. At the start of battle and every turn, if one doesn’t exist, create a 1-turn Repeater tile that deals 314 damage for each charge stored on it, then removes all charges. 


Pick up Scarlet Witch during her release events and store offerings, Unusual Scarlet Witch Cover Store running April 8 through April 18; Wanda Maximoff Limited Vault running April 15 through April 20; and Paint the Town Red Legendary Store, running April 15 through April 20. 

Her release debut includes Deadpool Vs. MPQ running April 8 through April 13; and Introducing… Scarlet Witch running April 8 through April 15. Additionally, her featured event includes Hearts of Darkness running April 12 through April 16; and Scarlet Witch’s versus tournament includes God of Lies (Loki (Dark Reign)) running April 8 through April 12; and Please Stand By, running April 11 through April 14. 

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