Published May 7, 2020

Piecing Together Marvel’s Puzzle Quest: Apocalypse (Classic)

He has judged humanity and found them wanted.


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After being persecuted as the first of his kind and given an eternity to harbor resentment, Apocalypse formed the belief that suffering is the key to true strength. Now, he’s the lastest to join the ranks of Marvel Puzzle Quest!


The 5-Star Rarity (Epic) with affiliation villains and mutants has a toolkit that includes Forged In Fire, Survival of the Fittest, and Shared Strength.

puzzle quest

Success requires sacrifice, and all will feel its burdens. With Forged in Fire, a mid-cost black power, Apocalypse destroys up to 4 friendly Protect tiles, dealing one hit of 2260 damage to a random enemy for each one. If there are no friendly Protect tiles on the board, heals the lowest-health ally for a burst of 911 health and creates 2 strength 55 Protect tiles.

puzzle quest

He who has suffered will deliver the weak to their doom. Survival of the Fittest, a mid-cost red power, deals 3 hits of 802 damage to the lowest-health enemy, ignoring enemy Protect tiles.

shared strength

Apocalypse's watchful eye reveals the true power within with Shared Strenght, a high-cost yellow power. Creates 3 2-turn Repeater tiles that create 2 strength 36 Protect tiles. While one of these Repeater tiles is on the board, damage done by friendly powers is increased by 182.

Apocalypse is available in the release events Thick as Thieves, running May 7 through May 12; Perfect Storm, running May 7 through May 11; Judgment Day, running May 10 through May 13; and Apocalypse vs. X-Men, running May 12 through May 14.

The release cover story, Inevitable Apocalypse, runs May 7 through May 14 along with a Special Limited Vault, En Sabah Nur Vault, taking place May 14 through May 17. Additionally, the Special Legendary Store, Alpha and Omegas, takes place May14 through May 17. 

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