Published February 14, 2023

New Baby Rocket Funkos Arrive For a Galactic Adventure

Plus, a new Groot arrives along with an exclusive 6-pack of Guardians Funkos!

baby rocket - guardians of the galaxy

He's little, he's small, he's literally baby, and soon you can add him to your ever-growing Funko collection. Ahead of the release of Marvel Studios' Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 a brand new Baby Rocket Funko has arrived — and he's the most precious little Funko you've ever seen. 

Now available for order, in a regular vinyl or flocked style, snag Baby Rocket today! Additionally, a brand new Groot figure has arrived too, in addition to an exclusive 6-pack of Funkos featuring Pop! Star Lord, Pop! Rocket, Pop! Groot, Pop! Nebula, Pop! Mantis, and Pop! Drax in their Ravagers uniforms.


There are still plenty other galactic Funkos where these came from. Explore the image gallery below featuring fan-favorite returning characters, along with new additions like Cosmo (she's the dog) and Adam Warlock (gold and mysterious!). The new figures, keychains, plushes, and more are available for pre-order now with more on the way from a variety of retailers, including Target, Walmart, Amazon, and Box Lunch — shop them all now!  

Save the galaxy (again, for the third time) in theaters on May 5, 2023. 



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