Published April 15, 2022

‘Moon Knight’: A Closer Look at the Moon Knight and Mr. Knight Marvel Legends

Michael Hernandez (Oscar Isaac’s brother and Marc/Steven’s stand-in!) of The Figure Report has a very special breakdown.

Want a closer look at the latest figures from the Marvel Legends collection for Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight? While Moon Knight and Mr. Knight won’t arrive for a little while longer (pre-order both of them now!), The Figure Report got a special sneak peek at the two characters ahead of their launch.

The Figure Report, a YouTube channel dedicated to action figures reviews, news, and interviews, actually has a special connection to Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight, as it’s run by Michael Hernandez. Hernandez is not only series star Oscar Isaac’s brother, but he himself was involved with the production of the series when he stepped in to work as the on-set double for Steven Grant and Marc Spector.

“I've been collecting [figures] for over 20 years and this feels like it's the synergy of my fandoms and the geek culture,” Hernandez tells “Having Oscar be in really popular franchises including Marvel Studios playing Moon Knight, it’s so cool to see that all come together. Like I said in the video, it's just an amazing, cool culmination of the journey I went on making and being a part of Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight.”

In the video — which you can watch above — Hernandez dives into the series’ figures, showcasing their detailed costumes and poseability potential, highlighting exactly what makes both Moon Knight and Mr. Knight unique for the Marvel Legends collection. As for what his favorite Marvel Legends are, Hernandez is quick to say the latest Moon Knight figures (“It’s pretty badass!”) along with the Symbiote Spider-Man (from the retro line), one of the latest Captain America figures, Wolverine (Tiger Strike), and Modular Iron Man.

The long-time collector has been making figure videos for a while, after encouragement from his fiancée, explaining, “It’s presenting myself in a different creative way, and people enjoy it and they have fun watching me have fun.”

Find more videos from The Figure Report on YouTube and Instagram, and Moon Knight is now streaming exclusively on Disney+.

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