Published October 4, 2018

New Marvel Legends and More Hasbro Reveals From New York Comic Con 2018

At New York Comic Con today, Hasbro revealed several upcoming Marvel Legends fans will be excited to see are on the way for 2019. 

Based on their appearances in Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Infinity War,” Marvel Legends collectors will be able to complete their set of the Children of Thanos with the release of Corvus Glaive and Ebony Maw figures in 2019. 

Avengers: Infinity War Corvus Glaive Marvel Legends Figure
Avengers: Infinity War Ebony War Marvel Legends Figure

There's a new Marvel Legends X-Men wave coming in spring 2019 and it includes Forge, wearing his traditional blue and yellow X-Men uniform. 

X-Men Forge Marvel Legends Figure

Forge will be joined in the X-Men wave by Jubilee, which you can see in the video at the top of this page! And on top of that, the Build-a-Figure for the spring 2019 X-Men wave was also revealed – Caliban!

X-Men Caliban Marvel Legends Build-a-Figure

Coming spring 2019 is a new Marvel Legends figure for the mighty Beta Ray Bill. 

Beta Ray Bill Marvel Legends Figure

And there will also be a Night Thrasher figure in spring 2019, giving the classic NEW WARRIORS character his first ever Marvel Legends figure. 

Night Thrasher Marvel Legends Figure

On the 2-pack front, there will be a Marvel Legends Kraven & Spider-Man set in spring 2019. 

Marvel Legends Kraven & Spider-Man 2-Pack

And as a Fan Channel retailers exclusive, Supreme Leader & Arnim Zola are on the way in spring 2019. 

Marvel Legends Supreme Leader & Arnim Zola 2-Pack

Last but not least, on the non-Marvel Legends side of things, Hasbro revealed that Wave 2 of Marvel Deadpool Chimichanga Surprise with Mystery Filling. 

Marvel Deadpool Chimichanga Surprise with Mystery Filling Wave 2
Marvel Deadpool Chimichanga Surprise with Mystery Filling Wave 2

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