Published August 20, 2018

Pop! Funkos for 'Marvel's Runaways' Are on the Way

Alex, Gert, Nico, Karolina, Chase, and Molly are getting the Pop! treatment!

Marvel's Runaways Pop! Funko

It was recently revealed that "Marvel's Runaways" will be back for Season 2 in December on Hulu, and in the meantime, fans can soon get their hands on their favorite Runaways in Pop! form from Funko! 

Yep, Marvel’s runaway teenage Super Heroes are getting the Pop! Vinyl treatment, which might not erase the sting 
of discovering that their parents are Super Villains, but is pretty cool nonetheless.

All six of the core "Marvel's Runaways" kids -- Nico, Alex, Karolina, Gert, Molly and Chase --  are featured in the new series of Funko Pop! Fans will be happy to see familiar elements included as well, such as Nico's Staff of One, and Chase's Fistigons. The Pop! Marvel –  "Marvel’s Runaways" series is on its way this summer from Funko and you can see images of all six characters (and their packaging) below! 

"Marvel's Runaways" Season 2 will debut all thirteen episodes at once December 21 on Hulu. 

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