Published August 23, 2018

Spider-Punk Joins the 'Marvel's Spider-Man' FiGPiN Lineup

Spider-Punk, exclusively available from Target, is one of three new FiGPiNs inspired by the upcoming PlayStation 4 game.

Spider-Punk Joins the 'Marvel's Spider-Man' FiGPiN Lineup

As we near the September 7 release of “Marvel’s Spider-Man,” available exclusively on the PlayStation 4, a new FiGPiN based upon the game can be revealed, featuring none other than arguably the most rebellious of Spider-Man incarnations - Spider-Punk! 

The Spider-Punk “Marvel’s Spider-Man” FiGPiN is a Target exclusive, and will be available in Target stores starting September 4. 

Spider-Punk is one of three “Marvel’s Spider-Man” FiGPiNs, including Spider-Man standing tall in his new Advanced Suit, which you can pre-order at Another FiGPiN, available for those who pre-order the "Marvel's Spider-Man" Deluxe Edition, depicts Spidey in the Advanced Suit swinging by a web, recreating the cover art for the game. Once you've pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition, you can get the details on redeeming your FiGPiN here

Like all FiGPiNs, the trio of new “Marvel’s Spider-Man” FiGPiNs include the signature FiGPiN rubber backer stand, which are flexible enough to use as backers to pin on clothing while also featuring a flexible joint that allows the pin to stand on its own to display. 


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Each FiGPiN also carries a unique 6-digit item code that allows you to log onto the FiGPiN Phone App and find details like the edition run, sequence number in the edition, artist bio, wave information, manufactured date, and rarity scale.

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