Published November 17, 2022

WizKids Introduces New HeroClix Iconix Miniatures

New miniatures feature Marvel characters, and cultural moments from the universes of heroes and villains.

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The following article is sponsored by WizKids.

WizKids is proud to formally announce HeroClix Iconix, a new series of pre-painted miniatures designed to translate iconic moments and characters into collectibles that can fully integrate into the HeroClix miniatures game. The new, non-blind figure assortments for new and experienced minis collectors feature familiar Marvel stories, characters, and cultural moments from the ever-expanding universe of Heroes and Villains. 

The new products will have gatefold, display-friendly packaging that allows collectors to showcase their minis and the characters and stories that they love — and will range from single figure packs to 8+ figures. Additionally, all HeroClix Iconix minis will have full gameplay, including premium character cards, and all will be playable in Modern format HeroClix events. These characters will be a blast to add to theme teams and/or build new teams around!

The first release will roll out in Spring 2023, arriving at brick-and-mortar stores with a majority of products and a first-to-market sales window. Following that, limited quantities will be offered via and at conventions.

Find more information about the first wave of products below! 

Spider-Man Double Identity

This instantly-recognizable scene is a throwback to an episode of the 1967 Spider-Man cartoon in which the villain attempts to impersonate our web-slinging hero. This set features two pointing Spider-Man figures, one pointing with left arm and the other with right – we’ll leave it to players and collectors to determine which is the real Spider-Man and which is the imitator!

Captive Hearts Wolverine

A sad day in bed for Wolverine! This iconic image from X-Men: The Animated Series has inspired countless riffs on Wolverine’s low moment. This single-figure set features Wolverine reclining on an oblong “peanut” base, staring longingly at a framed photo of Jean Grey (Phoenix) and Scott Summers (Cyclops) as he recovers from his battle wounds.

Iron Man: Hall of Armors

Tony Stark’s legendary arsenal comes to life in this set, which includes five distinct Iron Man armor models, plus the armor bay itself, with each suit fully playable with unique gameplay properties!

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