Published February 25, 2021

'Black Panther' Costume Designer Ruth E. Carter Honored with Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Carter makes history as the second costume designer to receive honor from Hollywood Chamber of Commerce

Ruth E. Carter

Famed costume designer Ruth E. Carter made history in 2019 at the Academy Awards with her Oscar win for her work on Marvel Studios' Black Panther, and she made history again today when the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce honored Carter with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame making her the second costume designer, and first Black costume designer, to receive the distinction since its inception in 1960.

During the virtual ceremony, the costume designer received the 2,694th star in recognition of her more than three decade career in the industry. The ceremony acknowledged Carter's ability to "wow audiences and dazzle critics alike with costumes inspired by traditional African tribal wear merged with a contemporary look, delivering fashion and function, incorporating technology, and creating such authenticity ownership and empowerment for the characters and viewers cementing her as one of the preeminent voices and experts on Afrofuturism."

"What a pleasure it is to be celebrating today Ms. Ruth E. Carter on her historic Hollywood Walk of Fame induction," exclaimed guest Oprah Winfrey. "I personally had the opportunity to work with Ruth on Lee Daniels' The Butler and I could tell instantly that her passion for clothes, costumes and design were matched by her intention in creating a nuanced portrayal of a Black family through the decades. What I first observed on The Butler and then again on Selma was a woman who was deeply intentional about creating clothing to represent the culture and journey of African Americans because both of those stories involved African Americans. And now we all know her esteemed credit list, both fictional and historical, and what strikes me most is the ease in which she works to create an entire mood through her impeccable design choices, and what this does is allow any actress who is working with Ruth to really surrender."

"Thank you for seeing the depth of culture, history, artistry, and welcoming my vision of Afrofuture into the lexicon of American filmmaking," proclaimed honoree Ruth E. Carter. "Most of all, I dedicate this star to all the young and aspiring filmmakers. I drove to Hollywood 36 years ago...nothing was handed to me. Every moment, every sacrifice, every effort was hard work inspired by my passion. It's my hope that anyone who sacrifices, who beats these streets of Hollywood, carrying their dreams in heavy garment bags full of costumes, desiring to be the best, like I did, that when you gaze upon my star feel my energy, feel the power of your own unique story to realize your dreams so you too can reach your star. Wakanda Forever."



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