Published September 7, 2017

Chris Hemsworth Discusses Thor’s Brains, Brawn, And Humor In ‘Thor: Ragnarok’

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This November, the mighty Thor returns and takes on his biggest, baddest fight ever in Marvel Studios’ “Thor: Raganok,” coming to theaters November 3!

We spoke with actor Chris Hemsworth on the set of the film, where he talked about this new adventure and what Thor’s missing magical mane means for the son of Asgard.

“Thor: Ragnarok”  puts Thor in different worlds, encountering a diverse cast of characters which changes the dynamics.  A departure from the previous films, here Thor is on a search for answers. “He’s on this sort of a personal journey of his own discovery, to find answers for himself.  Removing Thor from his environment and his world where he dominated a lot of the fight scenes, and putting him in a situation where all of sudden he’s fairly equal with everybody.” Hemsworth noted, “This being called Ragnarok, everyone knows what that means.  Obviously it’s gonna affect the larger universe.”

All that soul-searching doesn’t mean the story is far from upbeat, director Taika Waititi lends his unique style to set the tone of the film. “I was a big fan of Taika’s work and in all of his films, he strikes this beautiful balance of humor and heart.” Hemsworth explains, “You know, it’s all grounded in a reality we can kind of relate to, but it’s fun and enjoyable. I’ve never improvised so much with this character which has been really exciting. Taika will just yell suggestions while rolling – try this, try that and so on. And I think it’s really come to change the game for myself or for the film.”

Hemsworth—an Aussie himself—compared Thor’s original onscreen debut story to another famed Australian, Crocodile Dundee. Hemsworth feels the fish out of water element lends humor to the new film, “The situations he finds himself in are very much removed from any kind of Asgardian, ethereal time he had before. There is this greater awareness now obviously. There’s a maturity to him.”

With the release of new “Thor: Ragnarok” posters, one might notice an obvious absence from the stills…where’s the hammer? “I think it says a lot about the journey he’s going on and where he is at that point in the film.  So, can’t tell you exactly where the hammer is,” Hemsworth quipped.

Chris Hemsworth stars as Thor in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’

Along with the missing Mjonir, Thor’s iconic golden locks are also gone but Hemsworth teased that it’s all a part of the plan, “All of the conflict and the disharmony of the world he’s in, his physical appearance is altered due to that.” Hemsworth offers this explanation, “It’s paralleled by his journey, and who he is in the world and how he thinks he fits in-this is a new version of him.”

In “Thor: Ragnarok,” The God of Thunder finally gets some one on one time with his co-worker Hulk. Speaking about the rough and tumble pairing, Hemsworth liked the idea, “Early on I was saying, let’s do something like Butch and Sundance and tear ‘em up and go on a road trip.” Now that’s sounds like an entertaining idea for a follow up movie.

Get your tickets now for “Thor: Ragnarok” and stay tuned for even more action in the coming days and weeks!

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