Published April 8, 2020

Nobody’s Fool: Our Top Loki Tricks and Pranks in the MCU

Kneel before the God of Mischief or be on the receiving end of his tricks!


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There’s a reason he’s known as the God of Mischief. Even when Loki is behaving he’s got 2 or 3 tricks up his sleeve, ready to go when everyone least expects it. As the original prankster — using his powers for both good and bad — it’s hard to hate him because he’s just so darn clever sometimes.

We’ve all got our own favorite Loki prank. And heck, Loki probably even has a running list of his own favorite pranks. If you’re looking for some of our favorites, we’ve rounded up a few that hold a very special place in our Loki-loving heart.


Kneeling for Loki

Though we saw Loki use his power in Marvel Studios’ Thor, he was actually frightening during Marvel Studios’ The Avengers, especially when he arrived in Germany. After causing a huge ruckus, Loki finds himself in front of a large crowd he intimidates by duplicating himself, again and again, forcing the crowd to kneel before him.

Loki dies...and then becomes king

Usually, when you die on the battlefield, that’s it. But not for Loki. Even though Thor watches his brother die in Marvel Studios’ Thor: The Dark World it’s — you guessed it — a trick. It’s all part of Loki’s larger plan to take over Asgard and ascend to the throne while pretending to be his father, Odin. It surprisingly works, putting Loki on the throne to rule over the realm.

Loki is barely keeping it together

We normally see Loki up to his tricks in good spirits, but during The Dark World, we see that sometimes he uses his magic to hide his true feelings. After being imprisoned for his crimes on Earth (remember everything that happened during The Avengers?), Loki is locked up. He certainly looks fine, but it’s all a ruse — he’s actually incredibly distraught and simply projecting, literally, a put-together image of himself. It only gets worse after his mother, Frigga, dies.


Loki masquerades as Odin

After some time away from Asgard, Thor returns to find his father, Odin, enjoying some local Asgardian community theater at the beginning of Ragnarok. Except it’s not Odin, it’s Loki masquerading as Odin. This Odin claims he’s been spending his days at “board meetings” and eating grapes. Needless to say, the Asgardians are not thrilled to find out who’s been standing in as the protector of their realm.

Tricking the Grandmaster

It’s one thing to trick your family members, but it’s another thing to dupe the ruler of Sakaar. After showing up on the planet in Marvel Studios’ Thor: Ragnarok, Loki manages to talk his way into the Grandmaster’s inner circle and convinces him that he does not know Thor (even though that’s a lie). The charade doesn’t last for long, but at least Loki got some great seats at the Contest of Champions.


Loki’s Snakes Prank

The greatest trick Loki ever played? Well, we don’t ever get to see it so we’re just going to have to take Thor’s word for it. According to the big brother, as kids, Loki turned himself into a snake... and then scared Thor when he turned back into Loki. And then he stabbed Thor. And you thought your siblings could sometimes be a handful.

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