Published February 7, 2019

Go Behind-the-Scenes of Editing X-Men Comics on Marvel's Voices

X-Men Assistant Editor Chris Robinson gives the lowdown on a brand-new episode!

It is no secret that behind every amazing comic book is an incredible team of creatives working to bring everything together.

Many folks know about the writers, the pencillers, the colorists, and the letterers who work to bring the story and images of our favorite heroes and villains to life. But beyond the names that grace the cover of your favorite issues are editors who work diligently to meet deadlines, bridge story arcs, present imagery, and ensure that the tale fits within the larger Multiverse.

While there are multiple types of editors, one thing remains constant: editors function as the “protectors” of the larger Marvel continuity. They work year round to plan, coordinate, and help produce comics across the Marvel Universe. They not only ensure that stories about your favorite Marvel characters continue to appear on the shelves of your local comic book stores, but they help move them along so that stories appear on time.

So what does the life of an editor look like? How does one become an editor? I sat down with Marvel Comics Assistant Editor Chris Robinson to chat about his work and how he how he went from an intern interested in writing to deciding that being a part of the Marvel editorial team was his ultimate goal.

Listen to the full interview below!

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