Published September 6, 2018

Kathreen Khavari Joins the Marvel's Voices Podcast

The actor behind the voice of Kamala Khan joins Angélique Roché for a wide-ranging chat!

Embiggen your knowledge with a new episode of Marvel's Voices!

This week, the unstoppable Kathreen Khavari sits down with Angélique Roché for an in-depth conversation about "Marvel Rising", being the voice of Kamala Khan, working in Hollywood as an Iranian-American actress, and getting a master’s degree in the Control of Infectious Diseases. Listen to the podcast above!

And while you're here, watch Kathreen as Ms. Marvel in episode 3 of "Marvel Rising: Initiation"!

In the animated film, “Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors,” powered teens Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl, Quake, Patriot, America Chavez, and Inferno join forces as an unlikely, but formidable crew of aspiring heroes. When a threat no one could have expected bears down on the Marvel Universe, this ragtag, untrained band of teens have no choice but to rise together and prove to the world that sometimes the difference between a “hero” and “misfit” is just in the name.

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