Published November 1, 2018

Listen to Runaways Artist Kris Anka on Marvel's Voices

The artist talks about the importance of body positivity in comics on the latest episode!

Before a comic book hits the shelves of your favorite local comic book store or becomes available to download on your mobile device, it touches a dozen hands.

Each issue in a volume, each element of a story arc, every one-shot and annual is the result of a multi-layered collaboration that brings a story to life, panel-by-panel. That includes the cover artists and illustrators who work to bring to life not just the written story, but the characters we know and love; each bringing their unique talents, experience, inspirations, and voices to the process.

This week’s Marvel’s Voices features the show’s very first visual artist, Kris Anka!

While Kris was initially reluctant to work in comicsyou can thank Spider-Man Editor Nick Lowe for finally convincing himhe has now worked on too many comics to list (and you should check them out), but he may be most well-known for his work on the 2016 STAR-LORD ongoing series, RUNAWAYS, CAPTAIN MARVEL, and the 2014 re-design of Spider-Woman.

As an artist from California who identifies as "mixed Asian" decent, Kris not only brings his immense talents and knack for creating intentional and eye-capturing environments to the books he works on but also his artistic passions and unique lived experiences. This is particularly true for his work on the current ongoing RUNAWAYS series written by Rainbow Rowell, which is based in Los Angeles.

I sat down with Kris to talk about his experiences as an illustrator, his work in animation as a prop designer and storyboarder, his upbringing in Los Angeles, and how he reflects body positivity through his work.

Listen to the full interview here: 

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