Published October 31, 2018

Listen to 'Wolverine: The Long Night' Chapter 9 for Free

Get a recap of the previous episodes before diving into the penultimate chapter today!

Every Wednesday, new episodes of Marvel's first scripted podcast, "Wolverine: The Long Night", are released for free! To mark each new episode, we're doing recaps and updating suspect lists from last week's chapter. 

But first, listen to the latest episode of "Wolverine: The Long Night" right now! Get lost in chapter 9, "The Changing", below, then keep reading for more insights on previous episodes.

For a look at where we were before episode 9, we deputized Marvel.com writer (and first-time listener) Amanda Ames to keep up with the action as it's released. So here's a look at what went down in chapter 8...

With evidence shaved down to the bone, all signs point to one murderous hunter. But, of course, things are never that clear-cut in Burns. 

Brent Langrock jumped straight to the top of our agents' suspect list after an old flame came forward with information regarding his violent tendencies toward women and his connection to the victims. New bodies were brought to light, as was the Tarrack, which may soon be labeled a historic site preventing any future logging—a fact sure to enrage Joe Langrock and by association, Sheriff Ridge. Logan’s endeavors to save the town are uncovered after Sherman Moses admits to roping him into solving the town’s supernatural problems. And the Strawberry kids are attacked on their home turf by the town’s monster, but the beast only had one thing to say: “Father.”

It’s time to get to the heart of this mystery and uncover the missing pieces. 

  • In less than a day, the body count in Burns has more than doubled, and it looks like the town tribesman have been laying their own to rest for quite some time. But bodies can’t stay buried forever. When our agents head back to the heart of the Tarrack they find an Alter made of dozens of different bones in the back of the central cave, including human bones—female, and missing a head. The legends are clear, adding a sacrifice to the Alter opens your body up to the Tarrack and someone is clearly playing with the shadows. It may be time to start believing in the mystic.
  • Just when our agents think they’ve got the case solved, another cog gets thrown into the wheels. Brent Langrock, their prime suspect, is killed in the same fashion as the other six victims and hung at the Witness Tree for all to see, much to the chagrin of the Aurora. The Equinox is coming and someone has just stolen their sacrifice. But they aren’t letting that stop them, another suitable sacrifice will be chosen—and maybe he already has been, as Bobby has been missing for 24 hours…
  • After Brent’s killing, our agents seem to be back at square one. But that doesn’t last long. When an unknown text comes in, our agents follow the trail straight to Mallory who tells them that while she believes Logan is a good man she can’t stand for anymore killing. Believing the agents may be able to put an end to it all she exposes Hudson as the real killer as well as Logan’s plan to end him. Mallory is going to try and stop Logan, but just maybe, if the agents can find Hudson first, it will save the town from descending into the approaching long night.

Our investigation is coming to a head, but the question still remains: can someone save Burns from the darkness waiting to swallow it whole... Or will the town be left out in the cold?     

Take a look at the suspect list in the aftermath of chapter 8 with our Agent's Dossier...

Agent's Dossier

Come back next week for our recap of chapter 9 and the release of the final episode, chapter 10!

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