Published November 14, 2018

Marvel's 'Wolverine: The Long Night' Chapter 10 Recap

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Marvel.com writer (and first-time listener) Amanda Ames has been keeping up with the action since episode 1. Here's her final recap on all the action in Marvel's "Wolverine: The Long Night"...

Things have finally come to a close in Burns, but with so much of the impossible proving to be real, the truth is still unfolding.

A week after the events in Alaska, we find our agents back at headquarters and it looks like the citizens of Burns weren’t the only one’s with secrets to hide. Turns out agents Marshall and Pierce are sentinels created by Weapon X, sent to Burns to retrieve a valuable asset–Logan. And while we now know who our killer is, what happened following the town’s blackout is still in question. Marshall wiped his memory of the incident and though he claims Logan is dead Pierce continues digging.

It’s time to uncover what exactly transpired in Burns and finally close the book on this investigation.

  • After the lights went out across the town, Marshall left to find the backup generators in the basement of the hospital, but when he didn’t return Pierce followed him down to find an empty room...empty except for a fresh cigar butt lingering in the dark. Realizing Logan had taken Marshall, Pierce planned to head out in search of them both but just as she reached the exit a bloody Sheriff Ridge arrived with the Aurora cult trailing close behind. They had chosen their new sacrifice and were coming to finish the job. Pierce held them off until a threat from Nicholas Prophet left her with no choice; she shot Prophet, triggering a burst of the Aurora Borealis which sent his followers scattering.
  • Marshall’s story is a little less clear-cut. He claims that Logan forced him to drive the two of them out to the docks, board a boat and sail out to an old military fort. But when they arrived, Marshall got the jump on Logan, sending them both into the water where Logan drowned. However, Pierce is less than satisfied. She relentlessly interrogates Marshall and finally digs up the truth; the two did travel out to the old military fort, but Marshall then followed Logan inside to find a subdued Hudson in chains. Logan already knew about Pierce and Marshall’s connections to Weapon X and decided to strike a deal–report back to Weapon X that he’s dead and he’ll let Marshall take Hudson in his stead, a brand new mutant for Weapon X’s arsenal. Marshall agrees, and wipes his memories of the events leading up to their deal.
  • Logan came to Alaska for an ending, but the one he got was not what he expected. After his showdown with Hudson at the Langrock estate, he chased him into the cave system where he finally caught up with him and used grizzly tranquilizers to subdue Hudson long enough to chain him and hold him at the fort to be used as a bargaining chip. Logan was slowly remembering more and more about the life Weapon X had erased from his memory and while he was haunted by the atrocities he’d committed, Alaska had taught him he could put his claws to good use. He traded Hudson’s freedom for his own and disappeared with Mallory to spend the rest of his unnaturally long life earning his oxygen.

With the truth now in the light, Weapon X will once again tirelessly pursue their missing asset...and Logan knows this better than anyone. Only time will tell whether or not he can outrun his past and forge a new future outside of Alaska, outside of Weapon X, and outside of killing.

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