Published June 26, 2024

Kevin Feige Teases ‘The Fantastic Four’ on the First Episode of ‘The Official Marvel Podcast’

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Welcome to The Official Marvel Podcast.

Marvel has officially launched its new weekly podcast, taking fans deep into the Marvel universe for the latest news, interviews, and exclusive surprises from behind the scenes of the House of Ideas. The first episode (available now) features must-listen interviews with producer and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and Marvel Games product development manager Laura Hathaway.

When asked which upcoming Marvel project he’s most excited for, Feige joked that “they’re all our babies, and we love them equally.” But he revealed that he has a personal soft spot for the upcoming Fantastic Four movie, starring Pedro Pascal, Vanessa Kirby, Joseph Quinn, and Ebon Moss-Bachrach.

“I’m incredibly excited for what we’re doing on The Fantastic Four right now and what Matt Shakman — our director who did WandaVision — is working on,” Feige says. “He’s already moved to London, and we start filming at the end of July.”

Feige added that he’s particularly thrilled to welcome Marvel’s First Family into the MCU in a “significant way,” calling them “mainstays” and “legendary pillars of the Marvel universe.”

The producer and president also opened up about the upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine, in theaters July 26. Not only will the film reunite Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, but it also marks a reunion for Feige and Jackman, too.

“When Hugh came on board, it then became very emotional on a personal level for me,” Feige explains, “because my Marvel career absolutely started 26 years ago in pre-production on the first X-Men film.” 

The Official Marvel Podcast

Hathaway also teased the future of Marvel gaming, including the recently announced MARVEL vs. CAPCOM® Fighting Collection: Arcade Classics and the upcoming Marvel Rivals.

The Official Marvel Podcast will release a new episode every Wednesday. Early episodes will feature exclusive interviews with some of Marvel’s mightiest comic book creators and many of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s producers and stars. Each week, fans will get the official download on what’s current with Marvel’s biggest names and breakout characters, deep dives into some of Marvel’s most iconic stories, and expert accounts at what lies behind the Marvel mythos. 

The Official Marvel Podcast will be available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and all major podcast platforms in the U.S. The series is produced at Marvel by Jasmine Estrada and Isabel Robertson with help from senior manager of audio production Brad Barton and production manager Emily Godfrey, and executive produced by Larissa Rosen and Jesse Berger. Theme music was created by Ayda Akbal.

Listen to The Official Marvel Podcast or learn more at Marvel.com.


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