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Published July 5, 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Coheed and Cambria Premieres "Unheavenly Creatures"

Ahead of their album release this fall, Marvel presents their new single!

Fans of Coheed and Cambria have been eagerly awaiting the group's next epic album. The Unheavenly Creatures comes out this fall on October 5, but to give everyone something to hold them over, the band is releasing its second single from the album -- the title track, "Unheavenly Creatures," is now available to give C&C fans the next chapter of the tale that the album will cover in full! Watch the brand new video above!

Last month, Coheed and Cambria released the first single from The Unheavenly Creatures, "The Dark Sentencer." According to the band, the album is a "brand new story arc within the backdrop of The Amory Wars universe," which has been depicted in previous novels and comics. From the band:

"...[W]e begin by seeing two captured criminals (Creature and Colossus) being walked through a ship on their way towards judgment for their crimes. It’s clear any friendship that once existed has not survived, as we see colorful flashbacks of their crimes committed against society, and perhaps, one another."

Coheed and Cambria's lead singer Claudio Sanchez is a long-time fan of Marvel and comics and drew a lot of inspiration from the books he's read through the years. He spoke with This Week in Marvel to give everyone a deeper look inside what's to come. Watch the interview below!

You can hear the full interview and more on the latest episode of This Week in Marvel, available now for your podcast listening enjoyment!

If a brand new single from a brand new full-length album wasn't enough, Coheed and Cambria have even more great stuff on the way! The album, which is now available for pre-order, is just the "first act" of the new story, but there's even more to go with the new video and music. The immersive Vaxis -- Act 1: The Unheavenly Creatures Limited Edition Deluxe Boxed Set, which is also currently available for pre-order on the Coheed and Cambria site, will include a CD copy of The Unheavenly Creatures, an exclusive illustrated hardcover novel written by Sanchez and his wife Chondra Echert with art by Chase Stone, a wearable plastic mask similar to the one worn by the main character in the story, an exclusive bonus copy of their album The Crown Heights Demos which includes early drafts of the songs, and a three-panel poster of expanded album art. View the gallery of Chase Stone's illustrations below.

The only thing missing from this fantastical prog rock experience is a live show -- that's why Coheed and Cambria are also going on tour this summer! Included in the boxed set is the Unheavenly Creatures Black Card, which gives its owner early access to tickets and early entry to headline dates, including shows that are happening this summer!

Visit Coheed and Cambria's site for more information about The Unheavenly Creatures and tour dates, and escape into a sci-fi universe!

Coheed and Cambria's "Unheavenly Creatures"